What If?

What if I were to become a full-time resident of Sydney, Australia?  Could I really fit in in as a Sydneysider?  Would I want to stay if given the opportunity?  I’ve thought through these questions quite a bit during my time abroad, especially during my daily commute to work.  First of all, having the opportunity to live in a quieter neighborhood that is also right in the center of the city has given me a good perspective to judge the best place to live in the city.  If I had to choose a neighborhood to live in, I think I would still choose to live in my current home of Pyrmont, NSW.  My reasoning is as follows: There are number of nice suburbs to live outside of the city center, however, the commute into the Central Business District would be a nightmare.  Living in the CBD itself would also be difficult, as the tall buildings and constant activity would become very claustrophobic.  If cost was not a factor, I would love to live near the beaches in the eastern suburbs, however, beachfront real estate can get quite expensive!  Thus, I think living in Pyrmont strikes a nice balance between all three options; Pyrmont is right next to the beautiful Darling Harbor and a short walk to the heart of the city, but is also much less busy than other nearby locations.  The reason proximity to the Central Business District is so important to me is that I think I would like to continue working in a similar field to my current internship.  Gaining experience in my major has been extremely beneficial in deciding a career path and Sydney’s financial services industry is rapidly expanding.  I’ve attached a photo taken at work, and I could certainly get used to work in such a nice location.  As for other aspects of the culture, I would love to continue exploring the city of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs, as well as the rest of the Australian continent.  In my short time abroad, I have explored many parts of the city, but am nowhere near close to completing everything I would like to do in Australia.  There are so many amazing places that I did not have the opportunity to visit such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Uluru.  In addition, in order to become a true Sydneysider I would like to learn to surf – watching surfers at the many Sydney beaches is very inspiring.  Overall, I think permanent life in the city of Sydney would be a very enjoyable experience and will certainly miss living in such an amazing place.