Am I really in Sydney?

My heart skipped a beat as my flight landed in Sydney. I felt the anxiety and could feel the butterflies flying in my stomach. Was I scared? Of course not! In fact, I was looking forward to this day, to dwell the unknown paths, and explore a new city. Choosing to pursue summer in Australia study abroad program was the beginning of an amazing journey of self-discovery. 

Sydney, is a great young city, full of life! The first thing I did once I had checked in to my apartment was not to unpack and settle in but dart off straight towards the Arch of Harbour Bridge, which was close to my facility and absorb the panoramic view of the city with my room mates, my new friends, who I had never met before and learnt the art of sharing and caring living with them. The first few weeks had been fun and challenging and with a pinch of salt, experiencing the cultural shock I was about to experience. 

I soaked under the sun, enjoyed the warm Sydney weather, from the day I landed. There was lots to do in Sydney. You can do a walking tour around or visit intrinsic places like the Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens and Hyde Park. One could take a quick trip down to the beach, enjoy hiking trips, spend time having breakfast with the koalas and kangaroos at the zoo and relish the experience of the Independence Day watching the annual Mardi Gras parade. But let me warn you, travelling in the excessive heat can exhaust you, so gear yourself well to face it bravely! I thank my stars for having loaded my suitcase with shorts and summer wear. 

It takes time for anyone to adjust to a new place but for me it wasn’t too difficult, considering I am already accustomed with studying abroad! What really takes time is to figure your travel routes, grocery stores, shopping and once classes begin, fall in routine. It is really important to balance your studying life along with your professional internship during the day along with your social life in the night.

Sydney is a vibrant city! It is full of entertainment and sightseeing and the city comes alive at night, completely different from its day view. Although I come from Mumbai, also known for its nightlife, in comparison to Sydney it is strikingly different. This came as a culture shock! The options of bars and clubs are aplenty and visiting other nightlife spots has been an amazing experience. It can be a blessing and a curse depending on the choice of club you choose to spend your night, and it can be an overwhelming experience, if you are bar-hopping given the range of choices available. Just a couple of months ago, I was enjoying my private life but now it seemed, that I had metamorphized  to an outgoing, party animal, and I am sure my parents will be surprised to see the change in me, once I return back home. 

I’m so in love with this city! It seemed like yesterday, and it is now time for me sadly bid farewell to Sydney, my home for four months to board my flight back to homeland. Whether it is the hot weather or exhaustive travelling, scuba or surfing, kangaroos and koalas, rich food or nightlife, warm and welcoming people, it’s these experiences that has allowed me to meet so many new people, learn more about where I’m living, and maximize the fun with responsibility. This unique land with diverse cultural people of “the land down under” offers opportunities and experiences that help you broaden your horizons and offers lifetime memories to cherish!