Highly recommended!

It has been 2.5 months since I have been in Sydney and to be very honest, it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am going to tell you the best places to go to in Sydney so that you can put it down on your ‘Things to do in Sydney’. 

Blue Mountains
Bondi-coogee coastal walk
Icebergs pool at Bondi

One place to go is the Blue Mountains. I highly recommend this place because the hiking experience up there is really pretty and scenic. The day I went to Blue Mountains, the weather was really nice. It wasn’t very hot outside and it was a little cooler than usual as there were occasional rain drizzles. The view from the different points were really incredible. Our tour guide during this was really funny and entertaining. The three main rocks that you see at one stop during the hike (seen in the above picture) was really great! Our tour guide told us a funny story which was obviously fictional about how these rocks were formed and it was really funny!

Another place I would recommend you to definitely go to Bondi- Coogee coastal walk. It is again a hike not at a very high pace. But during this you get to see a lot of views of the Bondi beach and the Coogee beach. Also, don’t forget to get Gelato ice-cream during the hikes. They are pretty good here and my personal favorite is the Chocolate Chip ice-cream! After my coastal walk, I went to the Iceberg pools at Bondi (shown in the above picture.) This was really a fulfilling experience because it is an infinity pool with the view of the ocean and the beach. 

The third place I would recommend you to go to is Darling Harbor and the Opera House. There are a lot of bars and pubs on the harbor with even better restaurants. They have really great cocktails with amazing views from each restaurant/bar. Also, every Saturday night at 9pm there are fireworks at the harbor and is very enjoyable to watch. 

The best restaurant I have been to has been every restaurant in Sydney. I am a foodie so I love to try all kinds of restaurants. However, the best burger place is called Grilld which is located all over Sydney. They really have the incredible burgers and they are also very healthy as compared to other burgers. There is also an Italian restaurant which is called Criniti’s. They have 2-meter pizzas which is actually huge. We ordered a lot of entrees and cocktails before the pizza. But with 14 people, we were unable to finish two 2-meter long pizzas. 

Other than that, there a lot of places to visit in Sydney. If you want to know more, you can reach out to me.