Concluding post

I had a great international experience. I travelled long and far… Bologna, Venice, Siena San Gimingano, Amsterdam, Budapest, Paris, Calabria, Florence, Chianti, and the list goes on. It was, in total, an eye-opening incredible experience. I learned how to sculpt projects out of clay, how to write blog posts professionally and for this project, finally I learned how to become more interculturally competent. So, I had a great time exploring new places and new cultures. By the end, I was fully immersed in Italian culture. Furthermore, I even started thinking in the new language I immersed myself in which is very interesting. The picture included is of all the students that had an Italian internship. I am the blonde in the grey suit.

My growth here in Italy has been exponential. I think I have become a lot more mature in my time in Italy. After all, I have become a very independent young gentleman. Not only, do I do all my laundry and clean the house, but I have been applying for jobs and in my opinion have been amply balancing my personal life with my school life. Academically I have certainly grown a good bit also. I am speaking nearly fluent Italian from my schooling. Also, my financial knowledge has been increasing at a very high rate. I have an A plus in Finance so I have really been putting in a lot of work to keep my grade and knowledge of financial topics very high. Finally, my growth professionally has been huge. Working at ShippyPro writing blogs and working with other students and Italians alike has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. My favorite part has been helping them translate there Italian to English so that English speakers can buy the software that they sell. I missed no meetings the whole year and I am very proud of that. This shows that my sense of responsibility has certainly grown from the lazy person I may have been before.

I have a few main takeaways from this program in Italy that I would like to discuss. People around the world aren’t so different, we are all pretty much after the same things. Financial security, love, and a overall sense of safety and happiness. I think that while being around people from different cultures I learned that people can still relate to each other. I will take my ability to relate to different people to my professional career as well as my academic career back in Pittsburgh. I think I have learned a lot about people abroad and will not be so quick to judge people back home at Pitt.