First Impressions

When I first arrived in Sydney, I was elated to step out into the sunshine and 90 degree weather. Still wearing sweatpants having left from Pittsburgh, I was excited to know that I wouldn’t be needing them for a while. For the first few days, I was so happy about the weather that I didn’t bother to take in much else. After the shock of it wore off, I started to explore the city of Sydney more.

Sydney was much large and more metropolitan that I realized. I knew it was the business hub of Australia, but not to this extent. Although I still have not made it to all of Sydney’s expansive neighborhoods, I have been making an effort to try and expand my comfort zone past the area I live in. The first week here I headed to North Sydney to find my internship office, and while I was here I did some exploring and wound up in a music store where I bought a guitar to keep my occupied for the three months I am here.

It did not really sink in that I was away from home until I started attempting to watch some sports or live events on TV. Most games that I wanted to watch were over before I woke up and it was difficult to find bars or venues that were showing the American sports I wanted to watch. The Super Bowl was interesting to watch from an Australian perspective. Most of our class went straight from a class field trip to the nearest bar that had a super bowl watch party on a big projection screen outside the bar. It was strange to watch a prime time US game at 11 am, but it was fun to observe Australians watching American Football. Most had a decent understanding of the rules, but the more complicated plays had them very confused.

It is also very interesting to hear Australians discuss American politics. In the US, it would be odd for someone to know much about Australian political matters, but everyone here has at least a grasp of what is going on in the US. Our country’s issues are very important and influential to the rest of the world, and I have heard many stories how most Australians watch the presidential election on TV just like we do.