A few of my favorite things…

Hello Again!

We’re back in London for today’s post. After spending so much time in exploring the city, I finally feel comfortable declaring my ~favorite places. London is a massive, global city, and impossible to tackle fully. It’s so much more than Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, but a collection of eclectic neighborhoods with their own histories and cultures.  You could spend years and never actually see all of it. And while this can be overwhelming, it also means that there is no correct way to see London!

If I had to choose my three must see places in London in a day, I would choose the London Southbank, Brixton, and Sky Garden. During a nice spring day, walking down the Southbank of the River Thames is a perfect activity. From the Southbank, you can see historical attractions such as Westminster, the London Eye, and Shakespeare’s Globe in a new light. The southbank also has more modern attractions such as Tate Modern and a variety of food trucks. Slightly south from the Southbank is Brixton, the colorful afro-caribbean hub of London. Brixton is a great place to learn about the history of London’s prominent caribbean community, eat great food, and view street art (like the famous Bowie mural). Finally, I would recommend finishing the day at SkyGarden. While it does have a pricey restaurant, tickets to go up are free unlike the Shard, and it provides a wonderful 360 view of the city!

As a global city, London offers virtually every cuisine under the sun. It can be overwhelming to decide what to eat as there are so many wonderful options. However, If I could only recommend one place to eat, while in London I would choose Portobello Road Market (and no its not cheating because it’s a market not a restaurant). Tucked in between the pastel townhomes of Notting Hill, the vendors of Portobello Road Market offer a wide variety of cuisines, from Pad Thai to Paella. Unlike other markets in London like Camden Market and Borough Market, I find the selections of food to be large enough without being overwhelming, and the prices much more affordable.

If you choose to visit London sometime, I hope you take my suggestions in mind!