The permanent life in London

If I am a full-time resident in London. I would try to live in the center areas in London which should inside Zone 1 which is shown in the underground map. At least it should be inside Zone 2. It will be better if I could live around the Green Park Station or just around Canary Wharf or City of London. 

I would further explore the history and culture of London and Britain itself. Maybe try to get to the Parliament when there is a result of votes related to Brexit. I will watch more shows in the theaters and try to buy the cheapest tickets for the seats with best visual and audial performance. I would try to visit Edinburgh in July or August instead of early spring if I am a full-time resident in the UK because of the grand music festival and the party held by the Royal. It was a pity that I planned to take the ship in the sea around Edinburgh and visited a small island nearby which I forgot its name but I was told that the ship trip would not open since June. I will spend my holidays around Europe because I didn’t travel too much within this program. I have internship and I didn’t want to make myself too tired while traveling. Traveling should be a relaxing activity for me instead of a competition with time, money and my own energy. 

I would like to work in a role in HR in a company which has good benefits. It won’t push employees to work during weekends and flexible working time will be better. I would say that I may want to just continue my working life in my internship site but just expand it to a paid-full-time job. I feel like this role must be flexible enough for me to transfer or promote to some other job positions in some other countries. From this point of view, I really like Marriott as a huge international organization.

I would also spend more time in developing my own lists of delicious restaurants, especially for those restaurants who have several locations in Britain or just in London. For example, the Flat Iron has at least five different locations in London but it only has free ice cream offered in its restaurant in Covent Garden because it was its oldest restaurant. I see the waiters there cutting raw chocolates into pieces and just wrap them in a chocolate ice cream which built up a fantastic taste of a chocolate ice cream. 

Normally, I will spend my time with my friends to enjoy a good afternoon tea party at the weekends. Or I might go and have some hamburgers with my co-workers after a day’s work. If it’s a sunny day, I will enjoy spending time with my family in the parks near the Palace.