Fulfilling my Mama Mia Dreams

Traveling to Greece is something I have always dreamed of doing ever since I watched Mama Mia when I was 10 years old. In a few short weeks, my dream will come true.

My name is Kendall Farley. I am a 3rd year business student pursuing a degree in marketing with a concentration in professional writing and a certificate in business analytics. Throughout my academic journey thus far at Pitt, I have had several internships that have helped me grow both professionally and personally.

During my sophomore year I interned for Pitt Athletics working as a marketing intern for both men’s and women’s basketball. This internship showed me that working in sports marketing is really something I could see myself pursuing as a career.

Fast forward to this past November. I’m sitting at home scrolling through the study abroad website and see a trip that combines my dream location, with a class about the sociology of sports. I could not contain my excitement. I remember filling out the entire application in one day and then reading it over several times to make sure everything was perfect before finally submitting it (when I say several I mean at least one hundred).

I currently work for the School of Computing and Information at Pitt as a Marketing intern. This position has showed me that I really love the creative side of marketing and also love being able to showcase my skills as a writer through marketing. Additionally, I work for Amazon as a Amazon Prime ambassador. My responsibilities include organizing events around campus and posting on social media to encourage prime membership to students on campus.

As the semester comes to a close, all I can think about is Greece. This program truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As I previously mentioned, I have always loved sports. I played basketball since the second grade and when deciding where to attend college, basketball played a large role in that decision. Initially, I thought I wanted to play basketball in college. From a young age I dreamed of being a professional basketball player and traveling the world to play the game I loved. When I decided to come to Pitt, I gave up that dream, but took on a new one. I immediately looked for ways to stay involved with the game I grew to love so much. Things worked out perfectly when I was given the opportunity to intern with Pitt Athletics. This internship showed me that I could still pursue my passion while integrating new skills I was learning in marketing. My new dream is to one day work in sports marketing for a professional basketball team.

Since I am currently a junior, I do not have time to take sports related classes at Pitt. This trip gives me the opportunity to take Sociology of Sports, a class where I will learn even more about an area I am interested in one day working in. It also gives me the amazing opportunity to learn about something by experiencing it first hand, instead of just reading about it in a book.

I have not done a lot of traveling. I have only traveled to Canada and Bermuda so far. Since this will be my first real experience abroad, I know I will grow as a person and be able to learn even more about myself. I will become more independent and strengthen my leadership skills as I am placed in situations that I am not familiar with.

All in all, I cannot contain my excitement for this trip and all I will learn while on it.

Adventure awaits!