Permanent Life in London? Sign Me Up

If I had the opportunity to become a full-time resident of London, it would feel like a dream. I would want to live in an old Victorian home in Greenwich which is just on the end of Zone 2. While a little bit outside of the city center, I would like to be in an area where I feel like I can relax and take a break from my busy lifestyle. I also love the history of this area as well as the shopping and markets.

I would like to work in a project management role for a marketing department at a tech company. This role would be perfect as it combines both of my majors, Marketing and Supply Chain Management, into a field I find very intriguing. I hope my company would allow my to work on international projects that requires me to travel to other places in Europe at least once a month. After being here for four months and traveling to six different cities, I have been caught with the travel bug! So, it would be really exciting to work on projects all around Europe. This is also a great way to expand my understanding of working with different cultures.

I would love to explore more of the food and market culture here in London as I feel as if I have only just gotten started! Specifically, I would want to travel to markets around the city on Saturdays to try different foods and compare the quality to the other markets. I also think it would be cool to see what traders are selling at these markets as well. On the weeknights, I would want to see more West End shows as I only saw four while being here. If possible, I would want to become part of an arts society where I could get discounts and then talk to other people who love theater as much as I do.

Finally, I would want to explore more of the United Kingdom as I did not get a chance to explore too many other cities in the United Kingdom while here. I would choose to go to Edinburgh first because of the incredible views and castles. Everyone I know that has gone there loves it!

Overall, London is a great place to live as it is extremely diverse, so even if I don’t get to travel as much during my first few years, I would still get to experience different cultures. Maybe in the future, I will be lucky enough to be a permanent resident here!

Until next time, cheerio!