What if I was a permanent resident?

Sydney is really a very good place to settle down if you are city person. Well there are many other options in Australia to settle down. Mostly, Melbourne and Sydney as they are the most well-known and happening places.

Sydney is a perfect place if you are a city- person. I, being a city lover, would choose to settle down in Sydney itself. The culture here is very exciting and vibrant. There are many places to choose to live in Sydney. Currently, I live next to the Harbor which is in Central Sydney and it is the most prime location one could ever get in Sydney. There are various restaurants, bars, shopping, and also great views. There are grocery stores too which are at very convenient locations.

If I were to settle down here, I would want to be in the heart of the city with everything at a very convenient distance. For a living, I would want to work in a hospitality industry or any media companies in the Human Resource department. Since I am a HR major, i would like to pursue it as my career. I am currently interning at Four Seasons Hotel and I would like to continue there as a career opportunity for me in the same department if given the chance.

Another thing I would want to adapt if I was a permanent resident is that I would want to explore more of the country. One of my colleagues right now was telling me about how it is very common in this culture to take a year off from working to explore the country and the world. Backpacking and camping are very famous in this country and a lot of people choose to do that. I would too want to do it!

Overall, Australia is an amazing country to live in. I have explored a lot being here for three months and would love to explore more. The closer I am getting to the time to go home, the more upset I am getting to leave this beautiful country. I wish I could be a permanent resident here!