High Level Morning Commute Analysis

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, my internship is located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district.  Specifically, I work in the EY building that can be seen in a picture of the city skyline.  After a full semester of working here, I think I have found the fastest way to get to work, though this process took a long time during the semester.  As someone who is not a morning person, saving even a few minutes during my commute is totally worth it.  At the beginning of the semester, I considered a number of transport options including light rail, trains, walking, and even the ferry.  After getting familiarized with Sydney’s transport system, I realized that walking would be the most efficient and reliable method of getting to work.  Unfortunately, no transit options operate directly from Pyrmont to the CBD, so I would have to either walk into the city to take transport or transfer from a bus to a train every morning.  Walking into the city just to ride the train one stop felt like a waste of effort when walking directly takes the same amount of time, and transferring between two crowded public transports options every morning is not my cup of tea.  As for the ferry, I would love to be able to take a scenic ride through the Sydney Harbor every morning, however, the ferry schedule did not want to cooperate with my work schedule and I would either be very early or very late every day.  Instead of these transport options, I chose to walk across the Pyrmont Bridge every morning, which offered a beautiful view and a nice way to start the day.  As the semester continued, I began learning which traffic lights take the longest, which intersections to avoid, and which shortcuts to take.  One major shortcut that I discovered was cutting through the Wynyard train station to avoid the summer heat and save quite a bit of time on the way to work.  The other shortcut I found is a footbridge that actually connects the Pyrmont Bridge and the building I live in, which means I can exit to the bridge directly from home instead of crossing rush-hour street traffic.  While other students may not want to walk an hour round trip every day, I personally enjoy my morning and afternoon commute as they offer a nice way to see the city of Sydney and enjoy the scenery.  However, if I were to advise future students studying abroad, I would suggest getting a more comfortable pair of dress shoes if you plan on walking to work.  I’ve attached a photo of the Pyrmont Bridge for my loyal fans to enjoy.