Adventure Awaits In Australia

In about one month I will have my bags all packed, and I will be boarding a plane to Sydney, Australia. Despite the 20 plus hours of travel, I know I will be thrilled for what is to come.

I love to travel the world and explore different cities. Growing up, my family placed a large emphasis on seeing the world. I have been to over 18 countries, and I am eager to explore many more. This will actually be my second voyage to Sydney. My first came as a graduation present to me for when I graduated high school. My parents knew Australia was at the top of my list of places to visit, so literally the night of my graduation, around 11 p.m., my family of six hopped on a plane and headed to Australia.


We only got to spend five days in Sydney, but I loved every minute of it. When I heard about the opportunity to spend six weeks there, I jumped at the chance to go. I chose to do the GBI Sydney Sports program because as I mentioned I found the city of Sydney to be amazing, and I wish I got to spend more time there. I also chose to do the sports program because another passion of my whole family, not just me, is sports.

I grew up in a home in Connecticut where Sunday was dedicated to football. Every Sunday morning my three siblings and I would all throw on our favorite jerseys and pile onto the couch with my parents. We would stuff our faces with my mom’s famous soup while switching back and forth between the Steelers’ game and the Jets’ game. Being from Pittsburgh, my parents tried to raise us as Steelers fans living in the North East, and my sister and I complied; however, my brothers rebelled and are devoted Jets fans. This just adds a little fun rivalry to our family.

I went into college as a business major, knowing I wanted to work somewhere in the business of sports. I am still unsure exactly what I wanted to do after I graduate, but I decided on a Marketing and Supply Chain double major with a minor in Economics. I am also hoping to add the new Sports Management Certificate that Pitt just announced to my résumé. With these degrees I hope I will be able to obtain a job in the sports world.

I also knew that at some point in my college career I wanted to study abroad. So when I saw the opportunity to study abroad in Australia all while taking a business class and having a sports-based internship, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me.  

I am hoping to gain international business experience from this opportunity. Through an internship abroad I am hoping to learn and understand how different countries conduct business, which will increase my global competence. I am also hoping to improve upon my current business skills as well as gain new skills. Another goal of mine is to meet many new people and not only expand my social network but to also gain new friends that will last a lifetime. Overall, I want to take advantage of every opportunity I am given while abroad and hope that these opportunities will not only aid my future business endeavours but also help me grow as a person.