A Few More Years Here, Please

**featured picture: my beautiful & strong & wonderful women’s ultimate team that I love with all my heart and will miss dearly**

So it’s officially the last week here. Thankfully, I made the right decision back in November to book tickets home for a week later…so at least I have some extra time in Sydney after my program is over! My boyfriend is visiting, and I’m so excited to show him how I’ve been living for the past few months. Frisbee season is over, and there will be no classes and no internships — a lot of time to explore without other commitments.

Leaving Sydney actually pulls at my heart, and I can’t help but imagine what my life could be like here, full-time. I’ve already made so many good friends here and have my very own ~favorite spots~, fallen in love with the sights, culture, and vibes of Sydney. I’m going to miss my ultimate team here, and if I were to move back to Sydney, I would join the team again in a heartbeat! I feel like I could pretty easily transition into a life here, especially if I can convince my boyfriend to move here with me (though I don’t think it would take much convincing). There are so many neighborhoods and suburbs in Sydney with all different personalities, and it reminds me of the eclectic communities of neighborhoods back in Pittsburgh. I think I would probably move to Surry Hills, which is a cute little quaint neighborhood south of Sydney. The architecture there reminds me of a mixture of European villas and New Orleans balconies! And a giant park to take my future dog(s) to.

Ideally, I would like to work in a creative industry in Sydney. There are a lot of opportunities for marketing people, so hopefully I could find something for me! At my current marketing research internship, my supervisor is the only creative person in-house. She does all the creative and design content, and I could see myself doing that at a similar company. Ultimately, I would like to work at some kind of advertising agency here, though I have yet to find out which companies are the big ones I should be looking at. Nothing more research couldn’t solve!

Just as my time is wrapping up here, I’m discovering things I should’ve been doing since day 1. There are a countless number of weekend markets that sell food, produce, clothes, and other knick knacks. With too many markets and not enough weekends, I only ended up being able to see four of them! But if I lived here, I would make an effort to check a different one out every weekend. There are also so many free museums that I haven’t gone to that I would definitely check out on like a rainy Saturday afternoon. The most daunting task is absolutely checking out all the bars and restaurants Sydney has to offer. There are so many places that people have been telling me I must check out, grab a meal at, or grab a drink at. You might think three months is a long time to truly explore a city, but you would be so wrong. Between my classes, work, and ultimate frisbee, I really only had a few free hours a week to explore. Not to mention I was flying out almost every weekend to see what else Australia had to offer!

Sad to be leaving so soon, but so incredibly thankful for this experience. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and went on this journey! I promised everyone I would be back one day, and I don’t intend to break that promise. Whether it will be a vacation or hopefully permanently, I will see Sydney again.

Signing off for the last time,