My Time in Sydney

I have had such an incredible experience living in Sydney for my semester abroad. My Housing in the Oaks Goldsbrough apartments has been good for this experience. The staff have been amenable in regards to our needs as long term residents, and we have been able to carry out normal life. The location has proven to be the perfect location throughout my semester. I could not have picked a better place to stay for this experience.

During my time abroad I have had a number of scholastic, internship, and personal goals. In my internship I wanted to learn more about US filing requirements and procedures in addition to improved customer service skills. I have learned a lot of information in regards to filing US taxes and I feel very prepared to discuss the filing requirements someone might have based on their individual situation. I also have developed far better customer service skills, While working in the office it was critical to communicate accurately and directly with clients. I have certainly improved my communication abilities exuding more confidence and clarity on the phone. Academically I planned to improve my finance knowledge, and learn the history of Sydney. Through my studies in International finance I believe I have certainly learned more about international securities, interactions and options. Through my studies of Sydney as a city I have learned about the cities colonial beginning’s, growth through globalization, and current position as a global service hub. Personally I hoped to embrace Sydney’s lifestyle and understand more about what it is like to live in a foreign country. I certainly think I have learned more about Sydney lifestyle. I have embraced the beach culture of the coastal neighborhoods, and the busy lifestyle of the CBD. I also think I have adjusted to life in a foreign city, I have a very good idea of how to navigate the city and how to communicate in the city. I developed a very clear mental map of the city and consider myself prepared to show people around the city. I have accomplished all of the goals I wanted to and more.

For other students planning to travel to Sydney I recommend that you make the most of everyday, engross yourself in your internship and make sure you emphasize time traveling. I would recommend to plan numerous weekend trips especially to the great barrier reef, and New Zealand. Traveling to these locations was an incredible experience which I will never forget. If you make an effort to participate in class and you internship you will be less stressed at the end, and the time will fly by. Just make the most of everyday even when you just want a break, you will be thankful that you did.