Off to Where the Grass is (literally) Greener

Hello Hello!

My name is Nora Kraus and I am beyond thrilled to be crossing the pond to Dublin, Ireland in just over a month. Feelings of joy and excitement consume me as I prepare for my first adventure in Europe. I’m beyond thankful for this incredible opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Currently, I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying Supply Chain Management and Marketing within Pitt Business. Additionally, I am working to obtain certificates in Communication, Business Analytics, and am a member of the Certificate Program of Leadership and Ethics (CPLE). I appreciate the broad education I am receiving here at Pitt and love having the opportunity to take classes crossing over into a variety of subject areas. When not in the classroom, I stay busy as a member of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) where I recently served as the Vice President for service, and a guide at the Pitt Pantry, where I will also serve as the Vice President of Data Management in the fall. Additionally, I am an International Ambassador in the International Programs office at Pitt Business. It has brought me an exceptional amount of joy assisting in the process of bringing other students To The World.

Although I currently call Pittsburgh home, I grew up in Syracuse, New York and attest my appreciation for apples, snow, and Wegmans to my upbringing. I was drawn to Pitt for a multitude of reasons, but the city of Pittsburgh was the selling point. I continue to appreciate the easy access to the city and all the benefits that come with that, from networking opportunities to a multitude of neighborhoods rich in culture and history. While I love campus, I do my best to branch out and explore the city at large. Whether it’s checking out a coffee shop in Lawrenceville (Espresso A Mano is a personal favorite) or eating at a hip restaurant in Bloomfield (highly recommend checking out Bitter Ends Luncheonette) I can be found exploring the ins and outs of Pittsburgh, and indulging in delicious food while I’m at it. Running is another favorite hobby of mine. After running my first half marathon in February 2018, running has become more and more a part of my routine; I’m excited to use running as a way to explore the beauty of Dublin, all while decompressing and rejuvenating.

This past summer (2018) I interned with Aldi as a District Manager intern out of their Saxonburg division. The experience was an incredibly valuable one; in addition to being challenged professionally, my time at Aldi allowed me to lean into my growing passion for the supply chains of our food system and discover what that could look like as a career. My career aspirations are a bit out of the box, but I hope to develop a career that connects the dots between business and food, addressing various subject areas surrounding food, from food insecurity to business analytics. At this point, my hope is to gain experience in consulting upon graduating and make the next pivot from there. I’m attracted to the dynamic nature of consulting and appreciate the ability to gain a vast array of experiences.

I was introduced to the International Internship Program from a variety of sources but was perhaps most influenced by working in the International Programs Office. After participating in the Global Service Learning program to Bolivia in March of 2018, I realized the true value of studying abroad. The decision to do so is a big one, one that involves going far beyond one’s comfort zone, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have a hand in that process for students. The opportunity to do an internship abroad is an incredibly unique one, inviting both personal and professional development. Although I’ve been abroad before, this experience is much more independent and immersive than anything I’ve done before. I decided on Dublin, Ireland for a multitude of reasons, one of which is the nature of modern-day Dublin. From talking with friends who have gone and conducting a bit of research myself, I continue to see that it is a city of innovation and entrepreneurship, and some of that can be seen in their food system. That was both a personal and professional draw to Dublin. Close family ties to Ireland also influenced my decision, as did an intertest in exploring the relationship between modern day Ireland and its rich history.

Although I don’t know where my internship placement is at this time, I’m already looking forward to the professional development I will experience from this experience. The international aspect of this internship opportunity adds a whole level of complexity and opportunity for growth. I continue to see the value of adaptability in both the classroom and work settings, and look forward to further developing this skill, and more, through this experience. Additionally, I hope to further compliment the learning I am experiencing in the classroom by applying those skills to a real work setting.

Let the countdown continue! Looking forward to all the new places and faces that will come from this experience.

Till next time,