Pyrmont, NSW

During my time in Sydney, Australia, I had the pleasure of living on Pyrmont Street in Darling Harbor.  On Pyrmont Street is the Oaks Goldsbrough apartments is a building with a rich history and my temporary home.  Goldsbrough was built in the 1890s as a production and storage facility for the thriving wool industry in Sydney.  As the wool industry died down the historic building was transformed into a hotel so that it still stands today.  In Oaks there are many different types of people – other students on the program, hotel guests, and permanent apartment residents all call Oaks home.  In my apartment there are 3 other students from the University of Pittsburgh.  We were placed here by the study abroad staff and there are a number of pros and cons of living in Oaks.  For one thing, Oaks is situated in the fantastic Pyrmont district which is quaint while still being close to the hustle and bustle of the city center.  However, sometimes it is difficult to travel as there are very few public transit options in the area.  As discussed in a previous post, this actually worked out nicely because I am able to walk to work each day.  Another benefit of living in Oaks is that the hotel staff are kind enough to clean our apartment on a weekly basis.  As a college student who has difficulty keeping things tidy this is a blessing (especially the fresh towels).  In addition, having a full kitchen and laundry facilities in the apartment are a massive upgrade from Brackenridge hall where the microwave reigns supreme.  As Oaks is a hotel, we are able to meet plenty of new people every week, both good and bad.  Some other highlights of the Pyrmont district include Pirramma Park at the end of the neighborhood, which has incredible views of the city and harbor.  Nearby, there is a ferry stop, which is incredibly useful for getting to the beach on the weekends.  Pyrmont is also a short walk away from Chinatown and Spice Alley, which both have incredible food and I have frequented these locations throughout the semester.  In Chinatown, one of my favorite attractions has been the crème puff stand, where you can watch your crème puffs be made in real time, and then subsequently scald the inside of your mouth when you are too impatient to wait to eat them.  In Spice Alley, I explored all sorts of different amazing cuisines, which include amazing (and cheap) Thai and Chinese noodles.  Overall, Pyrmont is a wonderful place to live and despite some of its flaws I am happy to call it my temporary home.  Attached is a picture of the Goods Line which is a historic portion of Pyrmont.