Living in Sydney

My time in Sydney is sadly approaching its end. I have made countless memories and had a variety of amazing experiences, but I am ready to go back to the States to see all of my friends and family. Being in another place for so long has had me start thinking of where I will want to live and work post college.

Living in Sydney full time would be a great experience, there are plenty of job opportunities in the city and obviously a lot of activities to entertain yourself while here. After staying in Ultimo near the inner city, I would prefer to live closer to the suburbs and the beaches of Sydney. The excellent public transportation in Sydney makes getting to work from anywhere manageable, but there is really no substitute for being by the water. Most of the beaches in Sydney have really cool towns around them with tons of entertainment like live music and comedy shows year round.

Sydney has a large business district, and I could see myself becoming part of the work force in that area. The city is the financial hub of Australia, meaning there would be opportunities to make a nice life for oneself in Sydney.

I also really enjoy the melting pot of all the cultures in Sydney. People from all over the world are welcomed with open arms, and I think it is really interesting to see people born in different areas work together everyday and form relationships. At my internship, out of the 20 or so people in the office, less than half of them were born in Sydney, which I think is very cool.

Living in Sydney would also give me more time to do things I didn’t get around to while studying. I would definitely explore more areas of Australia as a whole, specifically the outback and the other big cities like Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

While I am sad to say goodbye to this city, I leave knowing that I made the most out of this opportunity. I loved all that Sydney had to offer and I enjoyed everyday of this trip. I leave knowing that I will be back to visit eventually, hopefully with new ideas of what to explore in this great city.