Dear Me In December,

Dear Nicole from the past,

You are not going to believe how much London will change you. First of all… YOU ARE IN LONDON. This is such an amazing and unique experience you may never get again! Live up every moment. When the sun is out, please go outside. It doesn’t happen often and only for a few moments each time. Go on walks. The area you are in is amazing (and posh). The architecture is stunning and really paints a picture of what the rest of London (and England for that matter) is like. There is so much history here, more than you can imagine. The pub down the street is older than your country; put that into perspective.

Yes you are abroad, but you are also in school and have a job. Slacking is strictly not allowed. School can be fun! You meet so many new people and get to share ideas with them. You will have some awesome opportunities to collaborate with so many different minds; it will give you a new perspective on live. We aren’t here to party every night (maybe occasionally). Learning in class is just as important as learning about London.

Your internship is amazing and you need to thank CAPA every day for it. Most others did not get as lucky as you with their placements, so be grateful. First of all, you are in the middle of everything iconically London. The London Eye, Big Ben under scaffolding, and Tower Bridge right down the street. Your coworkers are amazing. They are so happy to teach you and help you with anything you need. Your manager is so helpful. You are actually doing important things that matter. The hotel is incredibly gorgeous as well. Look around while being there. Its historic and amazing

You will travel, it is a study abroad program of course you will travel. Pick your places carefully. Most definitely travel before going on Spring Break. It will give you experience traveling abroad by yourself before going on a 10 day journey with people you don’t know all too well. Also, take advantage of the opportunities through CAPA! They offer some really cool things that are including in your fees. Also they sometimes hand out free tickets, tours, and other fun things so keep an eye on what they have!

Lastly, have fun. Don’t stress too much. You are so lucky to be experiencing all this! This really is the journey of a lifetime. Make the most of it.


You in 4 months