Top Places in Sydney

For anyone who is thinking of traveling to Sydney, I got you covered. No need to look up and browse through hundreds of sites stating where you have to go in Sydney, you can read it here straight from the Australian himself (okay not really but I’ve been for some time so I think I can give you some insight).

First thing you need to do once you land is head to a massage parlor, because that jet lag is no joke. My body ached for a day or two after that monster of a flight. Next, you have to go hit the touristy beach spots to soak up some sun. You can’t go wrong with Manly or Bondi beach, both have really cool towns around them with a lot of great spots to grab some food or drinks after you get too sunburned.

Continuing the tourist vibes, make sure you catch a show or dinner at the Opera House. It is much more beautiful in person and truly is a work of art. Located in the Sydney Harbour, it is a cultural and entertainment hub with tons of things to keep you busy. It is definitely pricey, but it is something you need to spend your money on.

After hitting the tourist spots, head to one of the less popular beaches like Maroubra. It has some beautiful views and will give you a lot more space and less noise. A great place to bring a book or to listen to some music for a few hours.

While you are in Sydney, make sure to capitalize on the huge variety of foods. There are so many different cultures in this city that you can find any kind of food you are craving. There are a ton of Asian cuisine options to choose from, so much that I think I am becoming addicted to all the different kinds of fried rice.

If you are looking for some late night food, make sure to head to Frankie’s Pizza for a unique experience. A hard rock bar, with different themes every night (my favorite is Tuesday karaoke) has awesome pizzas that hit the spot after a long night out. The employees are really friendly and always love talking to American visitors.

There is no wrong way to explore Sydney. The city is so huge that it is impossible to see everything. Whether you want to see the beach, nightlife, or the historical aspects of Sydney, you will find ample opportunities to do so.