From Pitt to Greece


Hello all, my name is Marsaude Edwards and I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in marketing and minoring in music. I am very interested in learning about different marketing methods and furthering my knowledge in music to hopefully combine the two someday. Although professionally, I foresee myself working in a marketing or project management position in the Media industry. This upcoming summer, starting in June, I will be interning at Nickelodeon in their Consumer Marketing department. Last summer I interned at Starz Entertainment in their Consumer Insights Department and my first summer at Pitt, I interned at the Sub-Saharan African chamber of Commerce as well as Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center doing marketing research and digital marketing respectively. 

On campus I have had the chance to participate in activities related to my interests as well. Currently I am President of C Flat Run, a co-ed award winning A cappella group at Pitt. In addition, I served as Community Service chair of the Roberto Clemente Minority Business Association, a professional business organization that supports minority business students through mentorship, guidance, and exposure to opportunities. I am also a member of Some of God’s Children Gospel choir.

This may I will have the privilege of attending the Pitt in Greece Study abroad maymester program! Through this program I will have the chance to study the sociology of sports and community/Tourism. The program begins in Athens, the stately capital of Greece, then traverses the various islands of the country and ends in Karpathos, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. I chose this program because not only is it feasible for my schedule but it will also contribute to one of my ultimate life goals.

My ultimate post-graduation and life goal is to start my own nonprofit organization. Starting a nonprofit is certainly not an easy job, and can be very time consuming and potentially unsuccessful without the right resources and financial support. Therefore, my post-graduation plan is to land a marketing position in the entertainment industry and work until I gain enough stability to move on to more philanthropic endeavors. I am intent on starting a nonprofit that is focused on intensive community development through wealth building and affordable housing. I plan to take the models of the Spanish American Civic Association in Lancaster, PA and the International House in New York City and merge the two concepts to create a nonprofit organization geared towards helping underserved communities and international/refugee individuals. Considering the systematic disadvantages that exist in this country and the personal obstacles certain communities have, it can be very difficult to excel and make a decent life for yourself and your family. Although poverty in America can not compare to the caliber of poverty in other countries, there is no excuse for the misallocation of resources and efforts causing people to live a lifestyle much worse than they should due to a cyclical oppressive system. While abroad I plan on obtaining as much knowledge and exposure as possible to take with me and use in the creation of my organization. By gaining a better understanding of different cultures and societies I will be able to better cater to the needs and understand the struggles of all types of people.