Two Weeks Until Uruguay!!

Hello all!!

My name is Nicolette Jones, but I go by Nikki. I live in a small town about an hour outside of Philly. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places around me. This is one of the reasons I love attending a school in the city because I get to explore the various neighborhoods that Pittsburgh has to offer. I also enjoy trips to the beach with family and friends and spend most of my time in the ocean while I’m there. I am also a sports fanatic; if I’m not watching them, then I’m playing. I am a BIG Pittsburgh sports fan and love going to Penguins and Steelers games! I also really enjoy volleyball and have been playing for about ten years now, and I still play occasionally.

I am a rising junior at Pitt’s College of Business Administration. I am majoring in Supply Chain Management, earning a certificate in Business Analytics, and planning to minor in Economics. Here at Pitt, I am involved in the Supply Chain Management Club, Pitt Program Council, and Phi Eta Sigma, a national honors society. Through these activities, I have learned the value of time management, organization, and discipline.  These values help me accomplish tasks efficiently, allowing me to relax and enjoy my free time. 

The program I will be attending is the Pitt Recognized Global Supply Network and Manufacturing Culture in Latin America. I will be traveling to Montevideo, Uruguay for about three weeks during the month of May where I will take a class on global supply networks at the University of Montevideo. I chose this program because I want to further my knowledge in global operations and gain new experiences in a field that I am passionate about. With this program only lasting three weeks, I can gain experience abroad and have an internship during the summer.

This program will be the first time that I travel outside of the United States, so I am going into this not knowing what to expect. I’m keeping an open mind and am really looking forward to the chance to observe and be submerged in another culture different from my own. I will have the opportunity to learn about supply chain from another country before I have even taken the core business classes to fulfill my supply chain major. My first significant exposure to how a business operates would be from a global perspective, not a classroom, which is so important in today’s economy as many businesses are outsourcing and going global.

While in Uruguay, I will be taking a class taught by professors at the University of Montevideo and engaging in various projects with other international students. This will allow me to personally gain a better appreciation for global diversity. I’ve always enjoyed working on cross-functional teams and I am interested in hearing viewpoints that are different from my own. I feel that when multiple viewpoints are considered, the solution the team develops is more complete. By attending this study abroad program, I will meet and engage with other global students, professors, and business professionals and through these interactions, I will have a better respect for languages and cultures in the workplace.

When I return from this Study Abroad experience, I will start a supply chain and procurement internship with W. L. Gore & Associates.  Gore is an innovative company that supplies products into medical devices, filtration, automotive and protective fabrics markets. This will be my second summer working at Gore; last summer I worked with the Procurement team on projects that set up product profiles for external warehouses, created supplier risk assessments and helped to forecast a prebuild for equipment relocations. Opportunities like these helped me understand what a career in global supply chain entails and I declared it as my major.

I am so excited to see what this new adventure has in store for me! I strive to learn more about myself as an individual, interact with other international students, and enhance my business knowledge on supply chain management to leverage in my professional career!

Stay tuned!