Who I am

About Me:

Hi everyone, my name is Jake Vogel I’m a 21 year-old junior at Pitt CBA and I study marketing, entrepreneurship and German. I am originally from the South Hills of Pittsburgh where my family still lives. Growing up I enjoyed playing music, sports and spending time with my family and friends. After graduating from Mt. Lebanon High School in 2016 I left home on my own for the first time to work at a summer camp counselor.

After returning for the summer I spent my freshman year living in Towers and Oakland became my new home. I decided to study business because I honestly always felt like it was what I wanted to go into. I got my first job delivering newspapers in middle school then my freshman year at Mt. Lebanon I got a job at a local Greek restaurant franchise where I still work today. I have always loved working and staying busy and my experiences at the restaurant really gave me a taste for being an entrepreneur.

After deciding on marketing as my major I also knew that the Entrepreneurship and German Certificates would be a great way to utilize my interests and experiences (took German for 4 years in high school) while at school. Aside from studying I also fill my time at Pitt with exercising, playing music in the university orchestra and being an active member of my fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega.

Although I love Pittsburgh, the whole idea of traveling doesn’t really sound too bad to me either. My three summers as a camp counselor were nice breaks from always being in the same place, but freshman year I was looking to go a little further than Ohio. So in May 2017 after my first two semesters at Pitt, I went on a two week study abroad program to Havana, Cuba.

Spending my first time out of the United States was eye opening. I consider the weeks I spent in Havana a good time, not a long time. I was able to meet so many new people and experience new things than I ever thought I would have been able to. The experience gave me new perspectives and insights into life that I think continuing to travel will keep providing me.

This year, while completing my German Certificate, I knew that I needed to travel again. I knew I wanted to leave the country for a longer time and I also knew that I wanted to do something more productive than being just a tourist. Naturally, I began to look into possible study abroad activities for the summer and I came across a perfect match that also gives me the chance to intern at an actual company in another country while also getting credits.

This program, the International Internship Program: Berlin is honestly a really good opportunity for me to combine all of my studies and really apply them. I couldn’t be more excited to spend 2 months in Berlin interning for Residia Gruppe in their apartment leasing unit. It is a wonderful opportunity to get real professional experience in the field I want to go into, all in such a vibrant and new setting for me.

I hope that this program will allow me to use my knowledge of the language and culture and interests in the field to give myself truly unique experiences and insights while having a wonderful time and making new connections with other people and places. All in all I am very excited for the summer. I can’t wait to grow as an individual and professionally and see what’s in store for the next couple months.