To My Roots

Hi everyone! It feels incredible to be creating my first post on here, as this marks the beginning of quite possibly the best experience of my life! My name is Connor Hughes-Killane, and I am currently a sophomore/rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. I am double majoring in Business Information Systems and Supply-Chain Management, looking to achieve a certificate in International Business, and may even be pursuing a minor in German. I will be participating in the International Internship Program in Dublin. I have never had a professional internship or job before, so this is both a very exciting and very important time for me both professionaly. Personally, I am from central New Jersey (Yes central exists I promise!), Freehold to be exact. I chose to come to Pitt because of both the campus and the Pittsburgh atmosphere. It was very alluring to me, and I can confidently say that making the choice to come to the University of Pittsburgh was and will be one of the best choices I will have ever made in my life. I am hoping to add my choice of participating in this study abroad experience to Dublin as another one of my best choices in my life. There were several reasons as to why I chose both this program and Dublin. I have wanted to study abroad since I first came into college, so this is a dream I had that I actually get to live, which I think is pretty cool. The guaranteed internship was the biggest reason as to why I chose this program, as I knew that this experience could jump-start my professional life. Also, since I am pursuing a certificate in International Business, I have to study abroad at some point while I am at Pitt and this program just fits all my desires for a study abroad program. On to why I chose Dublin. I first as that you take another look at my name. I am insanely Irish! I am a second generation American as my Nana immigrated to America in the sixties. I have never been to Ireland and am the only person on my mother’s side of the family who has not been to Ireland. Plus, I have a large amount of family that live in and around Dublin that I can meet for the very first time! This program can do so much for me personally, professionaly, and academically. Personally, I can go back to my family roots and experience life like my entire family has for years, and I get to meet family members who I may never get another chance to meet without this program. Professionally and academically, this internship will both prepare me for a professional job when I get out of college, and I hope that I can take away many tips and tricks for acting in a professionaly manor, as I have not really gotten a chance too. I am insanely excited to go to Dublin and have the time of my life!