About Me

My name is Samuel Slezak and I am apart of the International Internship Program: Berlin.  I am currently a rising junior majoring in Finance and Political Science with a primary field in American Politics and a secondary field in International Relations as well as minoring in History with a concentration in European History.  After completing my undergraduate education, I plan on attend law school ot earn my Juris Doctorate as well as potentially earning my Masters in Business Administration. I would then love to work in the legal field, specifically corporate law where I would work in and around financial institutions such as banks with the goal to be head council at a bulge bracket bank one day.  

I ended up choosing the IIP for the internship experience that it gives you.  Especially when trying to get a job in the field of finance and law, all of the experience that you can have helps make you look more attractive than the next person appling, especially when you can say that that experience happened in an entirely different country.  I also think that this program will provide a great introduction to eventual career as my current future position at Acatus, a Fintech start up, will help to provide a great peak at what is in store. Finally, this experience will also allow me to indulge my Political Science side as I can experience the changes that are coming not only to Germany but all of the EU.    

In my free time, I am also apart of, and hold leadership positions in, many organizations at the University of Pittsburgh.  One of my organizations is Panther Equity. We have structured this organization to operate like a Hedge Fund where we have a set of guidelines as to where and how we invest a total sum of $500,000 dollars in order to seek the highest possible return as well as trying to outperform the S&P 500.  We currently have five sectors: retail, healthcare, industrials, IT, and utilities, and are trying to add one or two more over the coming year. I am currently head of the retail sector as well as Business Manager. Another organization that I am apart of on campus is RSA or the Resident Student Association.  Our mission is to advocate for and provide the best possible experience for those residents that live on campus. As Vice President of Administration, my job is to deal with all of the internal communications of the Executive Board, plan all of the monthly town hall for all of the Hall Councils, and record and maintain the minutes for not only the RSA e-board but all of the Hall Councils across campus.  The final club that I am apart of is the Pitt Parliamentary Debate Society. In this style of debate, we face off in a two on two style with a Gov, who presents the case about whatever they want, and an Opp, who opposes the case brought forth by the leader of Government. What makes debate special is we have the privilege of going all up and down the East Coast facing schools like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, and Georgetown, meaning that wherever we go, we are sure to face stiff competition and have a good time.  Aside from my on campus activities, I also have a few other passions. I am a very avid runner (I have qualified to the State meet in Ohio for the 800m race) as well as loving to read. I also really like to take time to explore the various neighborhoods of Pittsburgh as each one has it own unique feel and experiences.