Before Dublin

Hi! My name is Kerry and I am beyond excited to go to Dublin this summer through the International Internship Program. I am a psychology major, and currently I am finishing up my junior year at the University of Pittsburgh. I love learning about people and have always had a desire to help others in my career, which is why I really enjoy my major and feel passionate at the thought of my future endeavors. After completing my studies at Pitt, I hope to go to graduate school and become a clinical psychologist.

My prior work experience mainly includes summer jobs in retail and food service. Currently I work at Target, where I restock merchandise, answer phones, and help guests find the products that they are looking for. I also spent time as a volunteer for the America Reads Challenge this past year, where I tutored two elementary school children on their reading and comprehension skills. I think that these positions taught me valuable skills such as time management, teamwork, and communication. I also love spending time with children, so while creating lessons for the students I tutored, it did not even seem like work. While my past experiences have been rewarding in their own ways, I am looking forward to gaining experience that will relate to my psychology degree, and for that reason Dublin will be a great opportunity.

Before starting college, I hoped that I would be able to study abroad. I would constantly read about the many different programs that Pitt offers. I knew that I have always wanted to travel to Ireland, so I focused my search on programs that would take me there. The only thing that was initially holding me back from a summer abroad program was that I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to complete an internship the summer before my senior year. When I saw that there was a panther program available that would not only allow me to live in in Dublin for two months, but also match me to an internship in my major, I eagerly applied.

The IIP program seemed like it would be a great fit for many reasons. This would be my first internship experience where I could learn valuable skills in my field while also adding something to my resume. I would also be enrolled in a business class and hopefully complete some foreign culture general education requirements, which would be academically rewarding. Also, since I have never left the country, I believe that going abroad will help me grow personally and help me to really step outside my comfort zone.

I’m very excited for this opportunity. Hard to believe that the next time I’ll be writing, we’ll be in Dublin!