From the City of Bridges to the Coastal City of Cyprus

Hello all! I am Lea Hendricks and am currently a sophomore at Pitt. I am a Human Resource Management major with a focus in psychology. I chose to major in HR because I love interacting with others and want to be able to help people in their place of work. Besides majoring in HR, I love to play the piano, although I am not as good at it as I would like to be, I also love to write, primarily poetry, and I love to hike. Whenever I have free time on campus, weather permitting, I always find myself walking over to Schenley Park, notebook in hand, with Debussy playing through my earphones. Schenley Park is one of my favorite things about Pitt’s campus, as I love to be in nature whenever I can.

I did not travel too far to attend the University of Pittsburgh, as I am a native Pittsburgher. I grew up right outside the city in the suburbs in Mccandless Township. I have really loved the change in environment, while being at Pitt, and all the amazing opportunities that have come with it, especially being able to study abroad in Cyprus this summer!

Aside from being able to study abroad this summer, Pitt has also helped expedite my time at college. Although I have sophomore status, I am actually in my freshman year at Pitt and will graduate in just two and a half years, in December of 2020, with my bachelor’s degree. Being able to graduate so early is, in part, due to getting to study abroad this summer and earn more credits, while also seeing an entirely new place.

I knew going into college that I wanted to study abroad. I love to travel and explore new places and cultures, so it was an easy decision to make. This planet we all live on is a very beautiful one and has so many amazing places to see that I could not imagine not taking advantage of one of Pitt’s many study abroad programs. I chose to study abroad in Cyprus this summer because, truthfully, I did not really know much about this little island in the Mediterranean Sea, right below Turkey, and I wanted to go somewhere that was completely new and foreign to me.

After learning more about Cyprus, I am more excited than ever to study abroad there. Cyprus is such a rich mixture of many cultures and is set in a beautiful landscape. I will be there for four weeks and will stay in one of the local colleges, Neapolis University. Aside from taking two sociology courses, the program also has many site visits to various places on the island.

I am really looking forward to my own personal growth on this journey. Studying abroad will not only expand how I view the world but will shape the way I approach people and life. I cannot wait to start my journey and am so thankful for this amazing opportunity. Talk to you all again when I am in Cyprus!