Leaving for Greece!

My name is Caroline Jordan and I am currently finishing up my junior year at Pitt! I am double majoring in marketing and supply chain management, and pursuing a certificate in business analytics. I am originally from Philadelphia, and travelling has always been a passion of mine. I come from a military family, so moving around a lot has been nothing but ordinary! At Pitt, I am currently involved in my social sorority Delta Zeta, and a service fraternity Epsilon Sigma Alpha. I also work as a Travel Program Intern at the Carnegie Museum, and have recently accepted to work as an Office Assistant on campus for the summer. 

My chosen international program is Pitt in Greece for the month of May! I chose this program because of how unique it is. The ability to visit so many cities in four weeks is extremely appealing, and an opportunity well worth pursuing. The classes Pitt in Greece offers was also a major reason why I chose this program, as they peaked my interest immediately. I have always dreamed of going to Greece, as I am drawn in by its history, culture, and cuisine! As I put together travel itineraries at my current job, one in particular was of Greece. This made me fall even more in love with the country! Since then I cannot contain my excitement to begin this 4 week long journey.

By studying abroad in Greece, I will be able to gain new understandings and broaden my perspective on life by discovering what the rest of the world has to offer. Instead of reading about such places online or in a book, I would be able to be immersed in the culture physically, which could never be replicated in a classroom. On a personal level, I hope to overall grow as an individual, gaining my own independence as well as formulating my own unique values and beliefs. Specifically, I hope I will develop many skills by going out of my comfort zone continuously. Academically, the classes I will be taking will ultimately be beneficial as going beyond the classroom to learn further creates a more effective way to understand the course. Taking two classes abroad will give me the opportunity to take the time to focus on and appreciate them on a deeper level. While my major is in the business field and I highly enjoy it, it would be advantageous to take a momentary step away from those courses and be exposed to the classes that this program offers. Finally, on I professional level, I hope to gain new advantageous skills and experience. As my major is both marketing and supply chain management, I feel as though by going abroad I would gain appreciation for the two on a whole new level. By being given the chance to visit another country, I could witness the marketing and supply chain processes on a more global level which would further increase my perspectives of the business world. By going abroad, I feel as though I would benefit greatly from the experience, and ultimately be able to take what I learn and implement my knowledge on the subject into my future jobs. Additionally, by being tasked with multiple responsibilities and independence, I will be able to handle situations with ease in my career by utilizing my time management and organizational skills.

I can’t wait to start this journey!