Getting Ready for Spain

Hello! My name is Aspen Narvarte and I am a junior at Pitt majoring political science with minors in mathematics, economics, and studio arts, as well as certificates in Western European and European Union Studies. On campus I am a tour guide and I represent the Pitt to prospective students and their families giving tours and answering questions about the university. I am originally from Matamoras, Pennsylvania which is a very small town in Northeast PA, however the city of Pittsburgh is my second home. I have always been drawn to cities, having grown up close to New York City and I am very excited to add another city to my list this summer.

This summer I will be traveling to Madrid as part of the University of Pittsburgh’s International Internship Program. The summer after my freshman year I had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona and I absolutely loved it. I learned a lot about being independent and living out of my comfort zone. One of the my only regrets from my last trip was how I approached language. My language skills were not as good as there are now and I was very nervous about making mistakes. Now I feel more prepared for this trip and can not wait to return to Spain to immerse in the Spanish language and develop my language skills. Oh and drink as much café con leche and eat as many croissants as possible.

On this trip however, I will not be returning to Spain to take classes, but rather take part in an Internship. I am looking forward to working in an a field that interests me for the first and gain work experience. I have a strong interest in International Relations and wish to work in a related field after I finish school. From this experience I am hoping learn about what a job in my interest may look like. I also have an interest in law and hope where ever I end up working I have the opportunity to learn about the law profession and work with lawyers. I chose this program because I wanted the opportunity to work in a different country in a political science field. After graduation I want to work internationally or in an international capacity and having experience abroad will help me with this. As well developing my language skills and my language learning skills will be valuable to me in this endeavor.

I am also looking forward to exploring Madrid, as I did not have a chance to visit Madrid during my last trip to Spain. One of my favorite parts of living in Barcelona was learning how live in a new city figuring out the metro, finding places to eat, meeting new friend, and finding my favorite places to hangout, read and relax. I especially enjoyed discovering the city beyond what is possible on a shorter vacation. I was able to navigate the streets without a map and use the metro without help and this is what I felt most accomplished about. This is what I am looking forward to the most, making a foreign city feel like home.