See you in the Land Down Under!

I was born at Magee Hospital, right here almost on campus at the University of Pittsburgh but spent most of my life moving around. Yet, ironically, I ended up living and going to school half a mile from where it all started. I’ll start with my parents, Jesse and Dana Hoffner. I was initially raised in Jeanette, PA, a small town about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh, until kindergarten. After kindergarten, due to my dad’s job, I spent the next eight years moving around a good bit. Over that time, I lived in seven different cities in both Michigan and Wisconsin, attended five different school districts, and more houses than I can even remember. All of this moving and change in my life slowed down at the end of eighth grade, when my dad chose to switch jobs and we moved back home, and I began my career at Hempfield. At Hempfield, I spent my high school career fully committed to sports, specifically football. I began my college career at Wagner College for no other reason than football, which turned out to be a horrible decision. I began football camp at Wagner in July of that year, and three weeks into camp I tore my ACL and meniscus in my right knee for the third straight year. This forced me to come to the realization that my football career was over. In a scramble, I chose Saint Vincent College (Yes, where the Steelers have training camp) in Latrobe, PA. In my year at Saint Vincent, I learned more about myself I could have ever imagined, and I’ve grown to be very thankful for my time there. I was always drawn to Pitt and loved every second of my visit here but was denied acceptance to the main campus coming out of high school. Fast forward to the beginning of the spring semester of my freshman year, I applied only to Pitt Business to transfer, and ultimately was accepted. All of this is how I, a kid who went to seven different schools, and now three different colleges, am ending my sophomore year at the University of Pittsburgh less than a mile from where I was born.

Growing up I always believed I would end up becoming a doctor or studying pre-med, but it took only one week of AP Bio in high school to realize that path was definitely not for me. That same year I found my new interest in business and politics, and learned I actually enjoyed studying these constantly changing fields and wanted to pursue them as a career. I chose a business major over politics because I believe every single career field somehow involves business in a multitude of ways and has a demand for people to capitalize on this aspect to be successful. I don’t see business as a cookie cutter or a 9-5 job, but a degree with limitless applications and career choices. I am combining my Pitt Business degrees in Marketing and Finance with a minor in American Politics. I have always seen myself as a hard worker, and my past jobs in multiple fast food restaurants and a full time landscaper have taught me what that really means.

The program I have chosen is GBI Sydney, a 6 week internship as well as one course. I chose this program because I’ve always had a love for Australia and an interest in studying abroad and challenging myself to learn a new culture and apply it to my life. I hope to take my combination of education and hard work to my internship and class in Sydney and make myself become better professionally, academically, and as a person overall. Oh and maybe see a kangaroo or two.