Thoughts Before Departing for Dublin

            My name is Blake Goldstein, and this summer I will be traveling to Dublin to research issues that could impact the Irish economy, such as Brexit, at the Dublin City University Business School. I am about to complete my junior year at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration. I am working towards completing both a major in Business Information Systems and a major in Finance. I am from Lafayette Hill Pennsylvania, which is located approximately thirty minutes from the city of Philadelphia. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, playing the drums, playing a variety of sports including basketball and tennis, and weight lifting. Professionally, I have never had experience working in a traditional business setting, as I have worked at a sleep away summer camp called Camp Nock-A-Mixon for the past four years as a counselor. My time as a camp counselor has taught me invaluable interpersonal and leadership skills that would be difficult to develop at such a young age in a traditional work setting. Additionally, I have previously worked on a research project last summer for the Insurance firm Shevland Insurance Group.

            There are a variety of reasons why I chose Dublin as the location for my internship placement. The primary reason is that I have met a number of individuals from Ireland and Great Britain through my work at camp. I enjoyed conversing with and getting to know all of them, and I would love an experience to see how their country is, just as they have traveled to mine to experience it. In addition to having co-workers/friends who are Irish, my grandmother’s brother lives in Ireland, so I do have some family connections there. An additional reason for choosing Ireland is I wanted to be able to experience a different culture, but I only speak English so working in a country such as Spain or France where there would be a language barrier would be nearly impossible. An industry related reason for picking Dublin was that the city has a rich business and financial sector with a variety of opportunities for job placements. 

            From this program I hope to gain a lot. Personally, I think living and working by myself in a foreign country will make me far more independent than I even am currently living away from home. I will need to be able to figure out the layout of where I will be staying when I arrive, what my routines will need to be, and how to effectively manage my time in a foreign environment. Professionally this is a great opportunity for me, as it will be my first time working in a field related to my majors. This experience will allow me to see what I enjoy and do not enjoy about working in this field, and that will help me be better prepared to choose where I want to work and what I want to do upon graduation. Working in a foreign environment will also give me insight into how to adapt to an unfamiliar work culture. Overall, I am very excited to wrap up this semester and begin my internship in Dublin.