Looking Forward to San Francisco

Hi! My name is Ran Yan, and I am from Fuzhou, a city in southeastern China. I am currently a junior studying Accounting and Finance, along with a minor in Economics. I started my academic career at Pitt as a Finance major. Due to my great interest in business, I made this decision when I applied for college. After one academic year, I went to New York University for the summer school. When I took Financial Accounting at New York University, I realized my interest in accounting. After returning to Pitt, I decided to double major in Finance and Accounting. In this April, I just became the president of the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA). I have had three internship experiences until now. During the last several summer breaks, I worked for Bank of China, China Merchant Bank and LegendHouse Consulting. I have a broad range of interests. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, but I also need time to stay alone. I like outdoor activities, but I also find staying at home relaxing. One of my biggest interests is travelling, and I travel to other places during every vacation. This is also one reason I applied for this program.

I applied for the International Internship Program in San Francisco because of several reasons which fall into three categories: self-based, academy-based, career based. 

I have never been to San Francisco before, but I know it is home for many big companies and great opportunities. Thus, I plan to apply for graduate school on the west coast after graduation from Pitt. Thus, this internship program in San Francisco brings me an excellent chance to live and work there for two months. I will be more familiar with the location and culture there. Furthermore, this program will help me develop myself to a great extent. I look forward to improving my communication skills and my writing skills through this internship by working and contacting various people.

Even though I do not need this program to complete my degree or any certificate, this program is still crucial for me to have a complete academic experience. Internships allow me to improve my ability to master the knowledge learned from the classroom. 

When it comes to my career plan, this program can also help me. Even though I have completed many core courses in CBA, I have not figured out the field that I am most interested in. By attending this program, I look forward to experiencing more about the finance industry or accounting, so that I understand more about different fields before determining which field I want to engage. I also plan to find a job for months or years to gain more experience before going to graduate school. Thus, it is better to start as early as possible. 

I truly look forward to boarding my flight for San Francisco! I’ll talk about my experience to all of you later!