Looking Forward to London

Hi everyone! My name is Gemma Skidmore and I am currently a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I plan on majoring in Accounting, Business Information Systems and Supply Chain Management while pursuing a certificate in Leadership and Ethics. While this seems like a lot to take on, I plan on graduating with 150 credits and I thought I might as well put those credits towards something useful and subjects that also interest me. Professionally, I plan on sitting for the CPA exam which is why I am getting 150 credits, as I plan to have a job in the accounting industry, particularly in Advisory services. On campus I’m involved in a professional business organization, Phi Beta Lambda, where I will serve on the Leadership Team as the Vice President of Compliance for the upcoming year.

This past semester, I participated on the Global Service Learning: Bolivia program where I worked alongside five other Pitt Business students on a semester long consulting project for CEOLI, a nonprofit in Cochabamba Bolivia. I also went to Germany for two weeks last summer exploring the supply chain of the automotive industry on the Plus 3 program. Traveling has always been a passion of mine and I am fortunate enough to be able to participate in three programs in my time at Pitt. The fact that my family is originally from England also excites me to be able to go back but experience it the city in a completely different sense through this program.

This summer I will be participating on the Global Business Institute London: International Accounting Issues program. During my six weeks abroad, I will be taking an accounting class, covering topics of international accounting and participating in an internship. I chose this program because of the amazing “outside of the classroom” experience. Being in a different country adds a whole new level of learning and interest. Additionally, business is global, and I think it is really important to be exposed to global economies first hand and understand how companies operate their business networks.

Over the course of the six weeks, I know I will develop and grow on a personal level. While college ignites a sense of maturity and independence, this is emphasized much more by going abroad. Compared to the other programs I’ve participated on, the GBI program gives participants more flexibility and being less structured will definitely allow me gain a greater sense of independence. Throughout these six weeks I would be away from what I know and gotten comfortable with. This will also help build my confidence up as I step out of my comfort zone. I would be able to engage my curious nature by getting the opportunity to explore not only London, but also other areas of England.

This program supports my academics through the accounting major and it would enhance my learning within the major courses I need to take. Additionally, taking the accounting course offered on the program would allow me to further the concepts I’ve learned in the two introductory courses, as well as further my knowledge in this area. While on the program, the internship will allow me to continue to apply my current skills and concepts but I would further develop them. In addition, having the internship would give me early work experience in the accounting field where I would learn not just skills and competencies, but also how to work more effectively with others and on a team.

I’m so excited for this program to begin and I can’t believe in a month I will be getting on the plane to take me there! I’m looking forward to the experiences I will gain from this program as well as the memories that will be made over the six weeks.