Dublin, See You Soon!

Hi, my name is Corinne Repcheck and I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. I am a marketing major and applied fitness minor. After I graduate, I am planning on moving to New York and pursuing a career in digital media advertising. I’m from Mt. Lebanon, PA which is a suburb 20 minutes outside of Pittsburgh. As a child I remember attending many pitt football and basketball games and admiring the camaraderie of the sports teams and also the dancers and cheerleaders. Now as a student at the University, I am a member of the Dance Team where we cheer and dance for most sports including football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling. As a part of this team, we represent the university in more ways than one. We participate in community service events including UPMC Children’s Ball, Race for Grace, Walk for Apraxia, and many more. We also attend promotions on and off campus, and we support each sport team by attending their games in honor of panthers unite. In addition, I am a member of the social sorority Delta Zeta. Being a part of this organization has allowed me to raise money for our philanthropy Starkey Hearing Foundation and support most other organizations as well. Professionally I have volunteered at an amazing bike camp where we teach children with physical disabilities how to ride a bike. Also, this past summer I was a lead instructor for Pitt’s Kids, where I worked with 3 and 4 year old children. I utilized the use of my assistant staff, and I also created lesson plans pertaining to teaching the children about shapes, colors, flexibility, and physical activity. Lastly, I was an instructor for Elite Cheerleading Company where we would travel to high schools and middle schools around the area and outside of pittsburgh to teach cheer and dance curriculum. It taught me many valuable managing skills and leadership skills. Although I have enjoyed all of my activities throughout the school year, I can’t wait to explore the professionalism of Irish businesses and also the life and culture outside of the workplace.

The International Internship Program in Dublin is an opportunity I have wanted to take advantage of for a while. I have always wanted to study abroad especially because I have never been out of the country. When I read that I would be able to work at an internship and study abroad at the same time, I knew it was the right path for me. It will be a great networking opportunity as well as useful professional experience that I can utilize when I get back to Pittsburgh. It is also a two month program allowing me to fully immerse myself in the culture of Dublin, Ireland.

This program will allow me to develop Professionally, Personally, and Academically through goals that I have set for myself and opportunities that arise along the way. Professionally, I hope to gain experience in the workplace and communicating with members of a team. Networking is a useful skill to have, therefore I want to improve my ability to meet and connect with important members in the workforce. Finally I want to learn about how businesses differ in Ireland from the companies in the United States. If I can bring back useful information or new ideas about successful companies, that will give me a better understanding of the professional world. Academically, I want to assist with projects and assignments that I can apply to my classes when I arrive back in Pittsburgh. Similarly, I may gain experience with new forms of data analytics, financial information, information technology, marketing or any aspects that pertain to a business. With a variety of those tools under my belt, I will be able to better understand and succeed in my final undergraduate year at the University. Personally, I want to grow independently and get out of my comfort zone. I will be thrown into situations where I may not be able to understand someone’s accent or I am unsure of how to complete an assignment. Those experiences will enable me to improve my communication and my listening skills. In addition, I will be more interconnected with the people in my workplace and I won’t have the safety net of my friends or my phone to buffer the environment. I will be able to make new friends and learn from my mistakes. As a final thought, I hope to be able to explore around Ireland and learn about my heritage and how the culture may differ from the United States.

Overall, my personal, academic, and professional goals will drive me throughout the course of the semester to succeed in my internship. Although there will be many challenges, I am excited to explore the opportunities that await me abroad. Can’t wait to see you Dublin!