Vamos a Madrid

Hi everyone! I am Sydney Ruble and I am a sophomore at Pitt studying Supply Chain Management and Marketing. I am also pursuing a minor in Spanish and a certificate in data analytics. I absolutely love excel and pivot tables, and I look forward to being a teaching assistant for Quantitative Methods this upcoming fall semester. On campus I am involved in Women in Business, Delta Sigma Pi (professional business fraternity), and Kappa Delta.

Even though I spend the majority of my time studying, I still find time for my passions which include practicing yoga, watching hockey, and drinking absurd amounts of coffee. I also love to spend the majority of my college budget on food around the city. If you need a good place to eat, I’m your girl. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh but have always considered the city to be my home. Living in Oakland is such a fun experience since we have so many cool things to do throughout the city. One of my favorite things used to be going to Penguin’s games, but that hobby has unfortunately been put on hold until next season.

Part of the reason I chose to come to Pitt business was because of the international opportunities they have available. I knew I wanted to study abroad during college, so immediately following freshman year I went to Costa Rica through the Plus3 program. I was able to learn a lot about supply chain management and the coffee industry. This experience was so incredible that I decided to apply to the Madrid IIP program to further my Spanish abilities and gain more working experience in the business world.

Business is global. No matter what I decide to do after graduation, having work experience in another country will give me insight into the way business is run internationally. Gaining global competence is important to me as I find it interesting to learn about other cultures. This program specifically is going to be complete Spanish immersion. This will be beneficial to helping me further my Spanish speaking abilities, and work towards fluency in the language. Just two weeks with my host mom in Costa Rica improved my language abilities immensely both through gaining confidence to speak without thinking and through improving my vocabulary. I look forward to seeing what a whole summer surrounded by the language will allow for me to accomplish.

I am currently attempting to teach myself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. I believe the best way for me to learn how to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations is to put myself into them and learn how to make myself belong. It is very intimidating to be thrown into another culture, family, and company. However, doing so will teach me some incredible lessons. It forces me to assimilate to my surroundings, ask questions, and gain an understanding of another culture. I also hope to become more comfortable with change and modifying scheduled plans. This lesson will translate well into the business world as nothing is guaranteed and plans change consistently.