Mind the Gap between the US and UK

Studying abroad in London has been an amazing experience and I’m incredibly sad that it has come to an end. I learned a lot while abroad about myself, other people, business and all the different cultures that surround us.

My experience studying abroad wasn’t always smooth sailing, but it’s helped me grow into a stronger person and has made me more independent. There’s a lot to see in London and everyone who had told me that I should make sure to appreciate my host city was completely correct. Between all of the different boroughs, neighborhoods, markets, parks, and events amongst other things, I grew to feel that London was my second home.

I’ve been able to accomplish a lot from this program, being able to balance work, school and traveling throughout the semester. I was fortunate enough to see a lot and to meet a lot of amazing people from all over the US and locals who I worked with or assisted with the program. It’s an experience I’ll never forget that I had with people I definitely won’t forget.

Interning abroad at Engage Research has helped me grow professionally and has assisted me in learning what I want to specialize with while pursuing my degree in marketing.

My classes gave me a global understanding of a variety of topics; I was fortunate enough to take a class that took me to a different area of London every other week and another class that exposed me to many different art museums around London while reawakening my love for art.


Living in London taught me that even though we all speak English, England English has much different wording and slang than American English and it’s sometimes funny listening to it… but you will get caught up and start saying it.

Going around London taught me that there’s always something new to explore and showed me how truly unique London is, with distinct character at every destination.

Traveling around Europe taught me about planning, my adventurous side, my desire to absorb everything I possibly can, and how to deal with stress if it comes up and shake it off in the name of a positive experience.

All of these lessons I learned contributed to how wonderful the program is but saying good bye to the city and the people I’ve spent the past few months with made me incredibly sad. The people you spend your time with in this program truly does make all the difference. The people that I am fortunate to call my friends are a huge part as to why I had such an amazing time in London. I’m sad that we left one another but it makes me excited to see some people back at Pitt and to also travel around the country to see my amazing new friends again.

Mind the gap between the US and UK because though the gap is thousands of miles wide, the connections you can make as you travel from the US to the UK and back makes the gap seem much smaller when your heart is concerned.

Thank you, London, for giving me an unforgettable experience.