UK Here I Come

Hello, my name is Alexis Bengel and I am studying abroad this summer on London. Since coming to the University of Pittsburgh I have wanted to study in another country but was not sure where. After doing some research and talking with friends and family I decided that London would be the perfect place for me. My only experience outside of the United States has been to Canada and the Bahamas with my family for vacation so this will be my first experience not only to a foreign country on my own but to Europe.

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and pursuing a degree in Marketing through the College of Business Administration. I chose the (GBI) Global Business Institute program for my study abroad experience because I believe it will be the best avenue to help me grow in my academic and professional career. I knew that while taking a class I also wanted to do an internship, and the GBI program includes a guaranteed three credit internship with the program. I also just transferred into the business school this past semester and wanted to wait until I felt comfortable in a major before deciding to study abroad. I also believe that the summer time is the best time for me because it is a six-week program rather than an entire semester. This will give me a taste of what being on my own in a different country and if I enjoy it, I may go back again for an entire semester. I knew since this will be a new experience for me, when choosing a program that I personally would feel more comfortable going to an English-speaking country. After I graduate from my undergraduate studies, I plan to either pursue a master’s degree or attend law school.

Having this study abroad experience will only help to both have a different perspective on the business world but also help me to stand out from my peers. I plan on taking a marketing-based class during my time abroad as well as an internship.  I think that it will be a great experience to take a class related to my major in a different country. While I am in London, I hope to meet new people and learn how to adapt to a new culture far away from home. This will be my first real exposure to a work environment which I think will be challenging at first, but I am excited to adapt to it. 

I am so excited to be in London in a month and immersing myself in the culture!!