Conclusion Post

Now that my semester abroad has officially come to an end, I can happily say that this experience was everything I had hoped for and more. Throughout just 12 weeks I was able to visit six very different and unique countries, as well as spending the majority of my time in the extremely diverse and lively city of London. Overall, I truly feel as though this experience helped me grow on a variety of levels and that it has helped me greatly from a personal, academic, and professional standpoint. First of all, from a personal standpoint, I was able to expand my view on the world and experience cultures that I never would have thought I would be lucky enough to be a part of. Seeing these many different cultures has helped me to see past the small amount of the world I see on a daily basis and has helped me to realize the truly expansive and vast range of cultural differences throughout the world. Secondly, spending the semester in London also helped me grow from an academic standpoint. Many of my classes were focused on current events and issues within London and the United Kingdom as a whole. These are topics that I most likely would not have become acquainted with otherwise and helped me to learn a great deal about politics and economics outside of just the United States. Finally, as I was lucky enough to have an internship during my semester abroad, this experience helped me grow a great deal from a professional standpoint. I completed my internship in a finance role at the London Edition Hotel in Soho where I completed many tasks on a daily basis that I feel have helped me become more qualified and experienced in my intended career path. All of these growths that I have experiences as a result of my semester in London will come with me as I return to the University of Pittsburgh in the fall. I truly feel as though this experience has set me apart from the rest and I would be a very strong advocate for any other Pitt Business students to participate in a semester abroad. These past 14 weeks have been some of the best and most valuable of my entire life and I will not forget this amazing opportunity for as long as I live.