Goodbye London, Hello Philadelphia!!

Since flying home from London two weeks ago, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the experiences that I had there. I have noticed a lot more independence in myself, a special readiness for my academics in the fall, and a newfound sense of pride in my professional development skills. I am very excited to take the skills that I learned in London back to Pitt in the fall!


The biggest change that even my parents have noticed in myself is my independence. I’ve always been a little wary of doing things on my own, but since traveling to England I have developed confidence in doing things alone. I’ve touched on this skill in a few other posts that I’ve made, but it is such an important development to my personality that I find myself extremely happy and thrilled to share the progress that I’ve made. At the beginning of the trip, I was nervous about going anywhere by myself. However, by the end of the trip, I had no issues catching the Tube alone and heading off to the place that I wanted to explore that day. This is an important skill that I will be bringing back to Pitt: I always studied in my room because I was too nervous to study in an academic building. After spending a semester in London, I can see myself spending more time on campus than I do in my apartment!


Classes in London were a lot harder than the classes I’ve taken at Pitt. Not only did this ready me for difficult tasks that I could face in the workforce, but it provided me with a newfound drive towards how I complete my academic assignments. I am less of a procrastinator now than I was at the beginning of the trip: it was a lot easier to get assignments done as soon as possible so there was more time to explore! Bringing my new study habits back to Pitt will be extremely helpful: I now have new skills to stay motivated when classes become difficult.


I am also very grateful to have completed my first internship abroad with MeWe360. They provided me with a fantastic foundation of what to expect when obtaining a job in the workforce along with creating and developing my soft and hard skills. I am a lot more confident in my time management, communication, and team working skills. I have already seen myself using these skills at my summer internship as an assistant to a retail store director. Bringing my professional development skills back to Pitt in the fall will aid me in finding a possible internship during the school year, along with pushing me forward as a better candidate for my dream job after graduation.


I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to live in London for four months. It will always be an experience that I will look back on!