A Push For Growth

Today has been a highlight of my trip so far! The reasons why I chose this program are starting to show and I am getting super excited about it. So far the vast majority of time I have invested in this program both at home and here has been in the classroom. I understand the need for this style of learning, but the entire time I have really been itching to get outside. When it finally became the focus as it did today I began to get really excited about all the work our group has done paying off, us getting put to the test, and living outside!!!!

The shift in focus started with leadership games in the morning that were familiar to me, but I had never taken the deeper look that we did today. This deeper look reviled some lessons that we had learned in the classroom in the morning. The importance of feedback reception really stood out in my mind as a powerful lesson. I have taken an argument class during the fall of this past year and the lessons I learned in that have aided the knowledge I have gained today. That class focused on improving outcomes of arguments in ways that both parties learn and grow from the other viewpoint. It was very contradictory to the classic winning and losing that is normally though of in arguing. I apply that idea to the idea of feedback. People often associate feedback with being punished or criticized. This leads to people often hating feedback, and wanting to never be associated with it weather it is giving or receiving. While it is not a direct comparison improvements in both of these fields by the people engaging in them could dramatically help the public image of them, and a lot of growth can happen.

Good leaders need to not only be accepting when they do hear feedback, but need to seek it out. With all the stigma around the term feedback without an overt openness to it can be assumed that it will not be taken well. A good leader after making a mistake will gauge the group’s feelings about the actions he or she has made, and try to consciously implement changes related to the feedback they have sought after and received.