To all the Spiders who live in showers,

To all the Spiders who live in showers,

Since being at the Hanifl Center two of my peers have spotted your kind, which has ended in a fatality. I must say it was a sad day for shower spiders everywhere. I understand you help minimize the number of other bugs that like to live in showers, but please heed my warning and stay away.

Today was an amazing day simply because we went rock climbing. Even though it was optional to go in the morning session, everyone went. There were a few newbies and together we created a positive environment full of encouragement. By the end of our morning session I was starving and ready for breakfast.

During today’s lesson we did an activity that involved everyone joining hands and trying to move a loop from one person to another. The loop would start where two hands joined and the one person would have to get his/her head and legs through the loop onto their other side. This action would then continue until the loop was back to where it started from. Before we started our instructor asked us how long we thought it would take. Some of us argued 2 min while others were thinking more 5 min. In the end we decided on 3 min. On our first run we were around 1 min 30 sec, which was half of what we predicted.

From the first round in this game I learned that in leadership one must be an active listener and be inquisitive when it comes to being on a team. Active listening is when you are concentrating on what is being said and not just passively hearing the message. During our activity when someone suggested 2 min, I disregarded it as impossible and never asked why. Maybe if i did ask why, I would of understood her logic and a different decision could of been made.

During our next two rounds we got even faster and predicted pretty close to our final time. It seems that with every activity we do and lecture we have my perspective on leadership is changed. There always seems to be something I missed, something in plain sight that jumps out at me when the activity/lecture is over. The great thing about this activity was that we had the opportunity to try again and take into consideration the insight we gained from our instructor. While in class the instructor had this quote in his PowerPoint– “A person learns from mistakes and grows from success.” This is exactly what we did. We made a mistake by not actively listening to everyone in the group, which we changed the next time around. From this we started to better predict our final time and actually decreased our final time too.

<3/The Girl in the Silly Green Hat

PS. If you couldn’t tell I do not like spiders. Especially shower spiders.