Going from City to City in Greece!

Greetings from Greece! Unlike other typical study abroad programs, we are constantly on the move from city to city. We started out in Tolo, in a small hotel right on the water. We all are rooming with people in our program, so it is a great way to bond with each other! One thing I loved most about our hotel, King Ninos, was that it was a five minute walk from the sea. Along the water, many local restaurants lined the sand for us to have a breathtaking view as we ate. Our hotel was also in close proximity to the town, in which we were able to easily buy groceries and wander in and out of stores. The only challenge I felt that this new temporary home came with was the lack of people in the area. Many times restaurants would be closed, and the streets were normally empty. This was most likely attributed to the fact that we visited Tolo in it’s off-season, so people were not expecting many visitors to their area in early May. Tolo was an experience I will never forget, and something I will cherish forever! Our next destination took us on a four hour bus ride to the city of Olympia. Before going to Olympia, we stopped to stay at a hotel in a small village around eight miles away (where I am currently staying right now). A few challenges arose here that had not in Tolo. First, the area we are staying in is very rural, and far from town. Here we realized we cannot simply just walk to the supermarket if we were in need of anything. Also, WIFI is very limited as well, so we can only do work or message loved ones in certain places. Since both Tolo and Olympia are smaller, less urbanized areas, language barriers are also a bit of a challenge. Yet many people speak English, so that is great help, plus we have begun to pick up on common Greek phrases to help us communicate better with the people living here! While these are challenges, they are also things I love about this program. It is very refreshing to be disconnected from the things I am used to having, and it gives me a first-hand look into a different culture’s everyday life. Another thing I love already about Olympia is the landscape. We are amongst a wonderful mountain range and endless fields of farmlands. It truly is a beautiful sight to see every day, especially outside my window. I am deeply appreciative of the different living experiences we have had so far, and I cannot wait for the next destinations in store for us. Delphi, Athens, and Karpathos, here I come!