Growing Thoughts

We have been discussing leadership so much it has obviously made me do a lot of self-reflection and think about leaders I have encountered during the past. What has intrigued me the most is when we have spent time discussing some specific types of leadership styles. We have discussed NOLS, Feminist, Authentic, Shared, and Servant leadership. Learning about these has helped me guide myself to see which one I fit in with most and how to utilize it the most effectively. We are writing a final paper about which leadership style we fit in with most and the discussions we have been having has definitely helped me explore which one that I can most identify with. I will save most of my thoughts for my final paper but I think that I have decided that I really value and represent authentic leadership. I appreciate honesty and people being true to themselves and that has inspired me to be even more authentic as I have learned more about leadership. I respond most effectively to honesty and try to exhibit that same behavior to the best of my ability. I think that I have shown this a lot just over the course of the week that we have been in Mussoorie being very open about myself and my feelings with the group. I think that this is one of my strengths that can inspire others to be true to themselves and help them get the most out of what they want in life.

Leaders most definitely do no only lead and sometimes play the role of follower as well. This relates back to my previous blog post where I said that the most effective leaders (in my opinion) work to create a team environment. Having a hierarchical system can damage growth within a team and create an unwelcoming environment. For example, we have been having debriefs each night in Mussoorie to go over what we have learned from the day and a few of us made some suggestions to change how they were run. Instead of shutting down our suggestions Bryan welcomed them and said that he admired us for stepping up and saying something when our needs weren’t met. I think that this was a moment where Bryan our designated leader took a follower role when he took our suggestions. This overall improved our future debrief sessions. This shows that when you are working with people the designated leader is not the only one who should be speaking their thoughts and ideas. If we all did this there would be so many amazing voices and ideas unheard! Me voicing my opinion abot how the debreifs were running is also an example of me demonstrating authentic leadership. Instead of sitting idly by I was not afraid to make a constructive suggestion to the group about how we should move forward.