The Grand Budapest Hotel… Kind of

It has been a little over a week since I embarked on my international journey. I have tried new food, seen new sites, and met new people. I will not forget the memories I have made and can’t wait to have more experiences.

One of the important aspects of any trip abroad is where you are staying. On my trip, we have been staying in hotels that are very central to the activities in the city. I have a roommate, Nikki Messina, who is in my business fraternity at Pitt. This is actually the second time Nikki and I have gone abroad; we went to Germany together after our freshman year. Having a friend on the trip makes the transition to another country a little bit easier. It is also nice because hotel rooms in Europe have two twin beds that are pushed very close to one another.

Pitt Study Abroad does a great job finding hotels for us to stay in. In Prague, we stayed at Hotel Rokoko which was in Wenceslas square. This square was very close to the Old Town Square, which had a lot of beautiful buildings and interesting shops. In Cesky Krumlov, our hotel was right near the center of town and was a short walk to everything. This hotel was very interesting because it was old and traditional for the town. In Budapest, we are in the Pest side and very close to a local market and a metro stop. The Budapest hotel is by far the nicest, but it is not like the Grand Budapest Hotel. I have not yet visited Krakow, but I am sure that the hotel will be great and in a fantastic location.

In addition to the location, the hotel breakfast Is also very good. Central Europe has very interesting breakfast choices. I have seen pasta and meat plates as part of the buffet options. They also have interesting twists on classics such as having very runny scrambled eggs or dessert like pastries. While the food is very different from what I am used to in America, it is very delicious.

Living in a foreign country can be challenging. Hotel living makes it easier than living with a host family or in an apartment on my own, but it can still be difficult. Simple things like charging a phone is harder because you have to make sure you have an adapter. Another challenge is making sure that we follow quiet hour rules. Americans, including myself, tend to be quite loud so we have to be very careful they we are not disturbing anyone else in the hotel.

Overall, I am having a great time abroad. Our housing accommodations have been contributing to the success of my trip so far and I look forward to seeing the hotel in Krakow.