Free water makes all the difference

Studying abroad is strange because the days feel so long but the weeks pass in the blink of an eye. I am already two weeks into my program and am having the most amazing experience. As for my living situation, I was able to choose my roommate for the entirety of my trip. Her name is Julia Podvin, and we’ve been friends since freshman year. It was refreshing to be able to embark on this journey with someone I knew because similar to me, Julia is an adventurer and is excited to do anything form taking a tour to sitting in a local laundromat/coffee shop and doing homework. Yes, we did that!

In Prague, our hotel, Hotel Rokoko, was right by the middle of the city in Wenceslas square. The hotel is unlike what you would see back home. It is very narrow and part of a long stretch of building occupied by convenience stores, restaurants, and shops. The inside of the hotel is very tiny. There is essentially no lobby and one escalator. However, our rooms themselves were very nice with two twin beds and a relatively large bathroom. Additionally, the hotel provided a delicious breakfast that included meats, cheeses, eggs, and plenty of bread and pastries!

In Budapest, our hotel, Hotel Adina, was nicer than the last; however, it wasn’t as convenient. It is its own building with a gigantic lobby and provides free water and coffee, which is a nice perk considering water costs money. Our hotel room here just as nice as the last with a similar amount of space. The only challenge was the WIFI in my room wasn’t strong which made it difficult to communicate with my family and friends at home. A word of advice: Make sure you get some sort of international plan for a shorter study abroad trip in case you need to be on your phone (which you will) and don’t have WIFI.

Finally, in Krakow, our hotel, Hotel Wyspiański, is not as spacious as the previous two but still very nice. Our room is much smaller than our prior rooms but at least the WIFI works! Again, this hotel has a great breakfast spread and provides free water in the rooms. Similar to Prague, this hotel is just outside the center square of the city.

As expected, studying abroad does have its challenges like communicating both with the local people and with my family. Even simple tasks like charging your phone, asking for more towels, or being aware of hotel rules can be difficult. However, Pitt Business and the people on my program make me feel supported and excited to continue succeeding on my European adventure.