To The Snow Peaked Mountains,

To The Snow Peaked Mountains,

I enjoyed the time I had watching the clouds themselves stepping over you. In all your glory, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. No picture can do you justice, but I will share one anyways.

In the beginning of our trek I started off by summarizing the events of each day. On the first day we started by going though a village that we had camped below the night before. There we made note of the architecture. Each of the houses had walls made of wood and mud, and a roof made from thin flat rocks. If something broke from the house, the people were surrounded by the resources they needed to fix it. The village was surrounded by fields that cut into the mountain side. More interesting however were the trees. They were funny looking things almost completely barren of leaves. The reason being that the branches had been loped off to feed their cows/sheep/goats.

While traveling though this village we were invited in to have chai at one of guide’s homes. Being curious I went to peak into the building they use for cooking only to be invited in to sit and eat more biscuits. They talked and talked while I nodded along all while wishing that I knew more Hindi. Before leaving a younger girl, about the same size as me, gave me her wool coat to wear in a picture. It was a perfect fit and so we smiled. As we began to leave it started to rain again, but I continued to smile.

After the first few days went by my writing started to change. I began talking about home and what I hoped to accomplish once the trek was over. One example is how I want change the way we recycle. Instead of moving trash from one spot to another, I want to start collecting trash that is actually recyclable. This list of goals goes on and on.

From my perspective as far as challenges go, our team didn’t encounter a whole lot of them. It wasn’t until the end of the trek that we finally covered the topic of conflict management. Of course there was the physical part of the trip but it was all doable. Traveling through the snow was by far the most challenging for me but the hard work of cutting steps along the slope was primarily done for us. All I had to do was make sure I didn’t fall.

Now that we are back an the Hanifl Centre, I can’t help but start envisioning what my next adventure into nature could be.

<3/ The Girl in The Silly Green Hat