Adventure Begins in Sydney!

After 23 hours of travel, I have finally arrived in Sydney, Australia, and I could not be more excited to be here! 

I have been here for less than a week so far and am loving every minute of it. My first day I spent moving into my new home for the next six weeks, which is a hotel called “Break Free on George.” It is in the center of China Town. I have one roommate named Sophia. We live in a room that includes two twin beds, two desks, a couch and tv, and a kitchenette; however, I have spent little time here because I have been so busy exploring and experiencing the Australian culture.

The next couple of days, I attended orientations for my Sports Marketing class and my sports internship and navigated the city with many new friends. On Friday we went on a cruise around the Sydney Harbor, and we spent Saturday relaxing on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. Even though it is winter here in Australia the weather has been beautiful averaging around 75 degrees each day, but I know it is slowly growing colder. 

Exploring the city has given me the opportunity to learn how to use Sydney’s public transportation before heading off to my internship via train. My internship is with the Sydney Blue Sox, a popular baseball team here in the city, but my commute will be an hour and a half each way. I start work on Wednesday, so I will have to make sure I know how to use the public transportation before my first day of work. 

One challenge I have faced so far throughout my journey is being able to ensure that I am getting enough internship hours. This has become difficult due to my scattered class schedule, long commute, and limited office hours of the Blue Sox. However, my supervisor is very nice and ensured me that we will work it out. 

Another challenge I have faced is the difference units of measures Australians use. I am still working on adjusting to their measurement units because it is different from the United States. Instead of using Fahrenheit, they use Celsius, and they also use military time, which I am not accustomed to. Being constantly exposed to these new units of measure has helped me better understand them. For example, now whenever someone says dinner will be at 18:00, I know automatically that it is at 6 p.m.  

Since it is only the beginning of the program, I am trying to take advantage of the free time I have to explore the city and experience the Australian culture before my workload picks up. Everyone I have met so far in this city has been so nice and helpful; I am excited to continue with my Australian journey.