Food = Good Time!

              Yay! It is the second week in Berlin! I having good time here! I am impressed by the public transportation in Berlin. The public transportation system here is extremely convenient; all I have is just a monthly pass, and I managed to checkout every corner of Berlin even the neighboring city called Potsdam. The most astonishing part of Berlin public transportation is the train station; the train stations are huge. I am using plural form of “train stations” because I was on a train passing through the city center of Berlin, and every single train station is enormous and grand; each train station has at least 6 train lanes as well as nice building architecture. My favourite is the U+S Hauptbahnhof. It is the central train station for U-Bahn (underground train), S-Bahn (ground train) and Inter-city train. I was astounded by its architecture. It is made up of glass windows on all four sides; the coolest part of it is that the S-Bahn platforms are 4 stories above the ground, and each of the S-Bahn lanes is separated with empty spaces where I could look down to the ground level. The feeling is super futuristic; the train rails look like floating transportation path from the science fiction.

“Floating” S-Bahn Station

              Besides that, I am so excited to know that there is a Thai market nearby my hostel. It is open during the weekends, and I went there both Saturday and Sunday. I am so obsessed with Thai food. It brings the nostalgic feeling in me because I grew up having so much Thai food as Thailand is the northern neighboring country to Malaysia. There were many local Thai people selling Thai food; they offered various food selections from Tom Yum, Tom Kha, Pad Thai, Mango Salad, Thai Satay to deserts such as mango sticky rice, glutinous rice ball, stuffed buns, sesame ball, coconut milk pudding and so on. I was on a feeding frenzy; I bought 4 food items per visit xD I could not control my desire to eat because that was the taste from “home”. On Saturday, I had Tom Kha (Thai hot soup with coconut milk), fried noodle, glutinous rice ball and chewy coconut desert; On Sunday, I had Pad Thai, Thai satay, coconut milk pudding and mango salad. They were all extremely delicious; I even brought my friends over on Sunday and treated them with coconut milk pudding. This desert is hard to find in America; all my friends have not had it before. However, they all liked it so much after trying it. Of course, there were a few of my friends who refused to try it because the shape and presentation of coconut milk pudding is atypical in western dining. It is a square shape pudding serves in leaf; I had to use my hand to carefully pull open one side by one side of the leaf to eat it. Currently, the Thai market is my favourite place in Berlin. I will revisit this place whenever I am available because the food are so GOOD!!!!!!

Pad Thai & Thai Satay

              Since I am so deeply in love with food, I will share more interesting stories with food. Believe it or not, Amerikaner which means “American” is also a pastry. I bumped into a bakery selling “Amerikaner Emoji”; it is a pastry with a tear smile emoji on it. I find it hilarious, but I did not end up having it. Instead, I had german cheese cake called “Kasekuchen”. German cheese cake is so different from American New York Cheesecake. I would say it tastes like a hybrid of Japanese sponge cheesecake and American New York cheesecake; its texture is moderately soft but not as soft as a spongecake, and it has a slightly hard base layer but not as hard as biscuit crumbs in New York cheesecake. German “Kasekuchen” is not my thing because I personally like New York cheesecake the best; I prefer the feel when every mouth is loaded with pure cheese. Last but not least, I had two “green” pastry at MauerPark. One is filled with date while the other is filled with crushed peanuts. I enjoyed the stick-like date filling pastry as it tastes uniquely good; I did not like the green ball with crushed peanuts because it was too sweet.

Amerikaner Emoji
“GREEN” Pastry

              Jumping into time management, I still cannot get away from food. Because there were not many restaurants near my office and my colleagues mostly bring their lunch box everyday, I ended up preparing my own lunch since the “SECOND” day of work ;d I am a boring person. I had the same lunch “EVERYDAY” xD I boiled my chicken fillet, mixed with some dressings, added a slice of cheese and sandwiched them with two slices of “FULL-GRAIN” bread. Moreover, I would supplement the sandwich with tomato and lettuce salad in lemon dressing. I like this idea because it saves me time. Firstly, I do not have to think about what I have to cook for my next meal. Every morning when I wake up, I will put the chicken fillets into pots for boiling while I can take a quick shower. When I am done with my morning routine, I simply put all the food items into my container and go to work. In addition, sticking to the same meal prep everyday makes me more efficient because I discipline myself to kick start my day with the same routine and need not to accommodate to different cooking methods of various cuisine.

My Lunch Box

              Before I end my blog, I shall dive deeper to time management. To be honest, I am struggling with managing my time because interning full-time is demanding. I wake up in the morning to have breakfast and prepare my lunch. Then, I will head to office. When I get home, it is about 7 in the evening. I will workout at my hostel fitness studio, prepare my dinner, have dinner, shower. By then, it will be about 9:30pm. There is not much time left for me because I have to go to bed earlier for the next day of internship. The remaining one to one and a half hour every night will be used up by short research on weekend Berlin trip, hanging out with friends, enjoying movies, following up with daily news, reading, doing laundry, ironing clothes, looking for next year’s internship, preparing fall semester activities for student organization I am in, self-learning, and writing blog as well as discussion board post.