Managing My Time

After a week of working for my company I am beginning to get more comfortable with my work. Gramercy uses several different management and communication platforms that I have had to become familiar with.  Some did not take long, however, learning how to manage google ads accounts and use Facebook manager took a little more time. What took the longest to learn was the nature of the firm’s clients and accounts.  Gramercy has several clients each with unique business models and marketing needs.  Because of this I have only become familiar with a few of the accounts including Yamaha Pianos, the FEBA World Cup and as well as a rudimentary understanding of a few other accounts.  So far, I have been doing general work and have not been assigned to any specific projects.  This combined with the extensive amount of training modules that I have completed has made me confident in my ability to navigate and manage the software they use.

Since most of the work that I have been doing has been training and getting me acquainted with the company’s online tools I have not been too busy.  For the most part managing my time has been easy, simply finishing my projects to the best of my ability with very little time constraints.  The company performs tasks as instructions come in from other offices and from clients so there are times where there is very little work to do and other times where several projects will need to be done right away. This means that the office can get very busy.  It is during those times where I need to manage my time and work to complete tasks quickly, although, occasions like this have not been too extreme so far.  My coworkers have been very accommodating in welcoming me to the company, teaching me about daily operations and the various projects that they’re working on, and helping me learn how to do things myself.  I look forward to being given more responsibility as I prove myself to my supervisor and the people around me.

While I have not had much of a challenge managing my time at work, I have experienced some difficulty managing my personal time.  Being in a foreign country means I want to explore as much as I can and experience as much as I can, but I also want to get the most out of my internship experience and still have time to sleep at night.  This is where I experienced some difficulty.  I have had to balance exploring the city, working, sleeping, eating, doing homework and everything else.  The fact that it takes me almost an hour to get to and from work every day doesn’t make it any easier, so I have had to make sacrifices and find ways to streamline my day.  Such things include not being able to explore the city most nights after work since I have to eat and am usually very tired.  I also have had to find times to grocery shop and eat. This has not been easy since I cannot shop for a lot at once due to the size of our refrigerator and kitchen space and it takes me a decent amount of time to prepare food.  This has forced me to get into a regular routine of going to the grocery store 2-3 times per week and learning how to make quick meals. I also have to find time to complete my homework assignments.  I have figured out that doing them on the train rides to and from work is the most efficient way to get them done and so that’s how I plan to complete them for the remainder of the trip.  As for exploring the city on work days, it is very difficult.  If I take a short lunch, I am able to leave work earlier and then have more time to do so, although it is still not a lot of time.  This has been one of the major realizations that I have made: that I will not have as much time for exploring as I thought. This simply means that I will have to value my weekends more and make the most out of my time here because it is already moving very fast.  In the weeks to come I will be looking for more ways to be more efficient in my daily routine so that I may have more free time to fully experience the culture and atmosphere of the country around me.