Week 2- Time Management

Now having my first week of my internship under my belt here in Berlin, I feel as though I have finally settled in. I was a bit nervous at the start of the week because I was starting my internship. This wasn’t a bad nervous feeling though, it was more like that nervous feeling you get when you step out of your comfort zone. Everytime I get this feeling, I know I am about to experience something that will change my life. I learned to stop fearing this feeling and instead to try to seek it out because it is usually an indicator of good things to come. This feeling did not let me down this time just like it has never let me down in the past. My internship thus far has been a great experience and I love the work that I am doing. One of the project’s that my company does is that they are in charge of running the premier indoor track league, called the IAAF Diamond League, that is the best track league in the world, and the start of the 2019 season has just begun. This means that everyone in the office has lots of work to do, but I see this as a good thing because I know that I will be able to make notable impact here. I am getting a great inside look into what it takes to run and operate an elite sports league, and I am getting a behind the scenes look as to what goes on to ensure that leagues like this one run smoothly. There are tons of moving parts so this is not an easy task to accomplish, and it takes employees doing a multitude of different tasks to get the job done.

Another great thing that I was able to do over the weekend was to see my really good friends that are from Germany. In high school, I took part in an exchange program between my school and a German school that is outside of Frankfort in a city called Gladenbach. I became extremely close with my two partners in my exchange program and they essentially became members of my family. We all knew that we had to get together at some point while I was in Germany, so they decided to come visit me in Berlin. My one friend Leo’s birthday was on Sunday, so it was very nice to be able to spend part of it with him.

Time management is an a necessary skill to have nowadays and this is especially true for myself. When I am working on something and I set myself a goal, I become very determined to complete this goal. Most of the time this is a good thing, however sometimes it can be detrimental because I can become too fixated on completing this goal. For example, if I am working on a project at work, I might not stop working on that project until it is finished and I may potentially ignore other things that are just as important to accomplish. To balance this out I need to make a conscious effort to manage my time effectively. So far at my internship, I have been able to do this quite well. My first step in effectively managing my time is to evaluate everything that needs to be accomplished for that day. I then prioritize these tasks so that I can clearly recognize what the most important things that need to get done are. After I have prioritized what is most important to do I begin to work on the most important thing. I have noticed that if I start with the most important or hardest thing then everything becomes easier afterwards. I also like to reevaluate these priorities as I go throughout the day to reassure that I have correctly ranked them. This is good because it allows me to make adjustments throughout the day to the work that I am doing and to change what I am doing to best fit the needs of the company and to not get stuck in that tunnel vision frame of mind. Over the past year or so, I have been making a conscious effort to efficiently manage my time and I have noticed a large difference. I believe that I have become so much more efficient in my day to day life because I accomplishing more everyday and the things that I am accomplishing are more important things. I don’t want to lose my determination when it comes to accomplishing goals, but I now know that it is okay to take a step back from something and leave it unfinished for the time being if there is something else needs more of my attention. I am still learning everyday how to better manage my time so that I can make the most out of my days, and I believe that this experience will help me become better at doing this and to grow as a person.