G’Day Mate!

After 20+ hours of traveling I have finally arrived in Sydney! I departed Philadelphia on Monday, May 20that 6:00pm and arrived in Los Angeles about 6 hours later at 9:00pm pacific time. I boarded another plane at 11:00pm and 15 hours later arrived in Australia on Wednesday May 22ndat 7:00am! The jet lag hit immediately but being across the world in a new city was so exciting that the exhaustion seemed to just disappear. Once I arrived at the airport I went through customs, collected my luggage, got a SIM card so I could use my phone abroad and then was finally on my way to our housing accommodations. We are staying in BreakFree on George which is in Chinatown, about an hour from the airport! I am sharing a studio apartment with another Pitt Business student, Chiara. After checking in and getting settled, we took a walking tour led by Lawrence, a member of the CAPA team here in Sydney. He took us in a big loop around our new neighborhood and pointed out the most important places such as the CAPA center, where our classes will be and the train station, which is how we will get to our internships. The jet lag eventually kicked in and although I wanted to keep exploring, I knew I needed some sleep! 

The next day we started our academic orientations. At 9:00am we all walked over to the CAPA center; good thing Lawrence showed us how to get there the day before! In the orientation we learned the general expectations for our academic classes, as well as general expectations from CAPA about our stay in Sydney. Following our orientations, we had an Australian style BBQ. Surprisingly, the food was pretty similar to the type of BBQ we would have at home. The only real difference in my meal was that hot dogs are called sausages here! The rest of the day we explored the city, we even found a Target! The next day we woke up again at 9:00am for our internship orientation. We learned that we would be working 20 hours a week, and would also be taking a supplemental class to emphasize the benefits of completing an international internship. I will be interning with the Greater Western Sydney Giants, an American rules football team, in their marketing department. My internship starts on Wednesday, May 29thand I am looking forward to learning more about the field of sports marketing, especially in a country where the sports culture is much bigger. Following that orientation, we went on a Sydney Harbour Cruise. This was where I realized how big Sydney actually is, and it made me even more eager to explore all that I could in my six weeks here. 

My roommate Chiara and I on the Sydney Harbour Cruise!

Although it is technically “winter” in Sydney, it was 80 degrees on Saturday, so we decided to go to Bondi Beach. Since we get fare-free access to public transportation, we all boarded the 333 bus to Bondi Junction and about 40 minutes later we were on the beach! This is one of the most famous beaches in Australia so of course we had to experience it. Thankfully, since it is winter here the beach wasn’t too crowded. The ocean spanned as far as the eye could see and the cliffs were breathtaking. I am hoping there is another warm and sunny day so we can go back to explore more of the Bondi Beach area and maybe even check out the iconic Bondi Icebergs Club! To wrap up my weekend my friends and I saw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Musical on Sydney’s Broadway, which just so happens to be right across the street. It was interesting to see a play in Australia and the accents definitely made it very enjoyable!

A beautiful Bondi Beach sunset

My first week in Sydney was nothing short of amazing and I absolutely cannot wait to explore and see all that I can over the next 6 weeks! I start my Sports Marketing class tomorrow and my internship the following day. I am excited to dive into the field of sports marketing and gain hands-on experience through my internship with the Giants. 

Until next time!